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South Africa to begin construction of Centurion taxi rank

South Africa is set to commence constitution of  US $864,000 Centurion taxi rank in corner of South Street and Hendrik Verwoerd Drive in Centurion’s central business district (CBD). This is according to Redefine Properties and its project partner the City of Tshwane (CoT).
Centurion taxi rank
The new taxi rank, in the shadows of Centurion Mall, will cover an area of approximately 10,000m2. The rank will be jointly operated by the Centurion Taxi Association and managed by CoT, Centurion Mall and the association. The development will be funded by Redefine Properties and will be on council land and all council and infrastructural requirements will be the responsibility of the council.
The new taxi rank upon completion projected to be during the first quarter of 2020, will be an accommodating ranking facilities for 55 taxis as well as a holding area for an additional 100 taxis. It will also house offices for taxi associations, 22 informal kiosks for traders and public toilets among other amenities. More than 15,000 commuters will use the new facility when it opens in 2020.

Roads and transport MMC Sheila-Lynn Senkubuge explained that the original commenced of the project which was November 2018 was missed due to fears that the construction site might be delomitic.

He however affirmed that the rank would make sure the nearby Centurion mall benefits from proper public transport facilities. This would in turn would improve commuting options for residents and help them connect to work, schools, medical facilities, and shopping.

“The project, a public-private partnership, meets our goals of fundamentally changing spaces in a way that changes lives and solves problems the community and commuters are facing,” said Lynn Senkubuge.

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