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South Africa’s Kouga dam water levels drops

South Africa is set to introduce an 80% water restriction in a bid to avert the looming water crisis across several towns in the country following a 6.8% drop in water levels at Kouga dam.

According to Regional Head of water and sanitation Portia Makhanya, a consensus was made between the department and farmers from the drought-stricken towns of Kouga, Hankey, Patensie, Jeffreys Bay, Oyster Bay and Humans drop to have an 80% restriction instead of 60% as previously wanted by the farmers.

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The Algoa water supply system

Efforts to curb the drought have been put in place with high-level bulk water plans being compiled, as well as the all town studies report, to aid the municipality with medium and long-term solutions.

Portia Makhanya added that the municipality has also aided by laying an 800m pipeline from a farmer’s borehole to provide water should Kouga Dam run completely dry.

To help determine the current water balance situation and to develop various possible future water balance scenarios led to the formation of the Algoa water supply system in 2010 and subsequently updated in April 2011 due to emergency interventions planned as a result of the drought, as well as revised Coega IDZ water requirements.

The Algoa water supply system restrictions monitoring committee monitors the drought, while a functional Algoa water supply system reconciliation study committee converge quarterly to assess the situation and make recommendations.

The water resources planning systems directorate comes in as a consultant monitors the situation, in addition to the ground exploration, on a monthly basis and provides expert advice.

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