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The Leonardo, tallest building in Africa has officially opened its doors. Project developers Nedbank Property Partners and Legacy Group announced the report and said that the building is ready for occupation. The Leonardo, is a 55-floor mixed-use property development which stands at a height of 234m (768 ft.) on a 3200 meters squad piece of land. It is located on 75 Maude Street, approximately 100 meters from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton, South Africa.

Leonardo Sandton

The development includes two levels of public areas off the street linked by an escalator to an interactive lobby space which will be home to the reception area for the 230 apartments which rise up to the 41st level, penthouse suites with their own gardens and 7500 meters squad of sectional title offices.

The building also features a landscaped garden, restaurants, a bar, a crèche, a gym and a spa which will be linked by shuttle lifts directly into the parking garage. Legacy development already bought 10 floors in the building where they plan to establish a luxury hotel in the future. Above the development floors, there are eight penthouses and the Leonardo suite, reaching from the 49th to the 55th levels.

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In addition, the building has 1900 meters squared under-roof living space and 1 300 meters squared of outdoor patios and gardens, with a 20m lap pool and gym area. Leonardo’s architectural Design is a brainchild of South Africa’s Co-Arc International Architects and Grinaker-LTA was the contractor.

The building was last year declared by a US-based news corporation as “one of the most anticipated buildings on the world in 2019” alongside other exclusive projects like the world’s largest underwater restaurant in Norway dubbed Under and Beijing’s new Daxing airport. The skyscraper has replaced South Africa’s tallest building the Carlton Centre, a 50-storey building approximately 223 meters tall, in downtown Johannesburg.

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  1. The rich get richer
    The poor get poorer
    Always has
    Always will
    Will NEVER change,they make the rules,they’ll make sure of it.

  2. Wow great skyscraper big ups to the architectural designers of this magnificent piece and to both project developers Nedbank Property Partners and Legacy Group now the building has surpassed the record carried by Carlton Centre in the middle of Joburg from 1960 for being the tallest piece of building on the continet while Egypt , Morocco and Nigeria are still on our toes want to build a skyscraper that is going to be the tallest in Africa and thanks to Kenya for their Britam Tower which is owned by British-American Investments Company. The skyscraper is the second-tallest building in Africa by pinnacle height at 200 m (660 ft) which is it was behind The Carlton Centre now it will seat on 3rd.

  3. A very conspicuous display of wealth in a country plagued by poverty and inequality.

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