Zimbabwe to construct US $7m 10MW solar power station

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A 10MW solar power station is set to be built in Zimbabwe before the end of next year at a cost of US $7m by a leading German investor in renewable energy, Holt holding Group. The company, which has a presence in 46 countries across the world, has already deployed a team in the country to look at investment opportunities.

The company’s co-director generals, Messrs Hendrik Holt and Heinz Luchterhand, announced their decision to invest in renewable energy in Zimbabwe after conducting a closed door meeting with the country’s President. Mr. Holt said they were invited by Zimbabwe’s Embassy in Germany to discover what the country had to offer in their line of business. “Zimbabwe has extraordinary potential to establish renewable energy projects for the population,” he said.

Mr Luchterhand said the company was looking initially at the 10MW solar power station “We are keen to do more and not just one project. We have to start from somewhere. It is important for the image of the country to show other investors that this works,” he said. He further stated that they were in the country to scout for investment opportunities because they had trust in the country, the government and also the people.

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Field of specialization

Since 2010, the Holt holding Group has been developing sustainable and regionally oriented solutions in the field of renewable energies. The firm’s core competence is the configuration, technical and commercial development, and company management of wind and solar parks for energy transition.

“We are a business that is internationally active in wind and solar energy. So this is our prime objective and we seek opportunities in the world where others are not yet there,” Mr Luchterhand said. “You have the sun and a lot of renewable resources. There is no need to import energy,” he added. Mr Luchterhand said the company would be carrying out feasibility studies in the shortest possible future.

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