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T3 and T4 lines of Casablanca tramway in Morocco taking shape

The third and the fourth lines of the Casablanca tramway in Morocco are taking shape following the start of welding of the first rail tracks at the level of the Bd Mohammed VI between Bd la Resistance and Rue Ifni.

According to Casablanca Transport en Site Aménagé SA (Casa Transport SA), a local development company (SDL) responsible for “sustainable and united development” of Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, this is the first step in a long series since it will take a total of nearly 7,000 similar welds to connect the entire 110,000 linear meters of the project. The company said that each welding operation, connecting the rail tracks every 12 to 18 meters, requires high technicality and lasts about 50 minutes.

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This stage of the project will be followed by other stages of development from testing of the rolling stock to dry running in real traffic conditions.

An overview of the T3 and T4 lines

Upon completion, the T3 line will be 14 km long with a total of 20 stations and 5 connection points with lines T1, T2, T4 and BW1. It will serve the terminus axes Bd My Abderrahman (towards Casa port station), rue Ibnou Majid El Bahar, rue Smiha, bd Strasbourg, bd Mohammed VI, bd Idriss Harti, Bd Idriss El Allam, bd Abdelkader Essahraoui, avenue 10 mars, terminus rue 1 bus terminus.

Spanning over a distance of 12 km, the T4 line on the other hand will have 19 stations and 4 connection points with with lines T1, T2 and T3. The line begins in the city center at bd Moulay Youssef (Parc de la Ligue Arabe) and continues its trajectory on rue Allal El Fassi, rue Rahal Meskini, Place de la Victoire, rue Barathon, rue Capitaine Puissesseau, Route des Oulad Ziane, A3 highway crossing, avenue 10 mars, Avenue Anoual / Rue du Nil, bd Idriss el Allam, bd Idriss El Harti, Terminus bd Okba.

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