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Burundi, Tanzania to receive US $322m grant for road upgrade

Burundi and Tanzania are set to receive US $322m grant by the African Development Bank Group for to finance the 45km Rumonge-Gitaza  and 260km Kabingo-Kasulu-Manyovu road upgrading project.

Gabriel Negatu, Director General of the Bank Group’s East Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office confirmed the reports and said that the projects aligns with the National Development Plans of both Burundi and Tanzania, particularly the respective sectoral policies on transport in both countries.

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East African road network

Tanzania’s Kabingo- Kasulu- Manyovu that will be upgraded from gravel to bitumen  Standard while the Rumonge – Gitaza in Burundi will be rehabilitated. These developments are set to be completed in 2023. The multinational road will help open up rural areas, reduce vehicle operating costs, and enhance road safety.

Regional integration will be strengthen by the project bringing Tanzania and Burundi together through improved cross-border transport. The road is also part of an East African road network that links Dar es Salaam port to the regional markets such as DRC, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. Along the roads especially Burundi’s Rumonge province and Tanzania’s Kigoma region, socio-economic structures and health infrastructures will greatly improve.

“The project will fundamentally enhance the mobility of goods and services for the people in Burundi and Tanzania. The improved transport will bring additional benefits for the two neighboring countries, including empowering women and youth for whom new market centers will be opened and other economic activities will increase,” said Gabriel Negatu.


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