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Tanzania set to construct US $43m Royal Glory residence project

Tanzania is set to commence construction of a mega residential project in Mikocheni area of Dar es Salaam dubbed the Royal Glory resident project that will cost a whopping US $43m.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), Sales Manager for Capital Tanzania Business Centre, Leo Zhang describe the project as one which will will change the face of Dar es Salaam  and will be a place which its occupants will experience new life in the city, advocate for environmental protection and energy conservation as it will be free from pollution.

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The Royal Glory project

The Royal Glory residents will sit on a five acre plot and will feature 14 villas and 156 apartments. The building will have villas type D and E and apartment’s type A, BC1, C2, D and E, both would have lounges, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, plus modern parking areas.

The facility will also be equipped with a swimming pool, children’s play area, a fitness center, gym and a tennis court. Mr. Zhang describes the residence as a mix of opulent lifestyle and leisure space under one roof

The development  of the project will take place in two phases and is expected too create more than 1000 job opportunities. Mr. Leo Zhang added that 17 modern shops 38 to 400 square meters that will be available for renting next year.


CCECC which is responsible for developing the project, is well known for the construction of TAZARA  and is also involved in construction of houses, roads, bridges and urban development. In real estate they started with Dream Glory which is situated in the high class neighbourhood of Oysterbay area while the Royal Glory is its second.

The Dream Glory is fixed with state-of-the-art facilities like e-parking area, sauna, fitness walking track, ECO friendly gardens, CCTV cameras, standby generators, intercom, electric fence system and also provide 24-hour tight security.


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