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Tanzania to get relief from US$1.7m water enterprise

The Treasury has released US$1.7m to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation for a water enterprise. The funds will support drilling and construction of boreholes in the country’s most affected areas.

According to the Minister of Water and irrigation, Engineer Isack Kamwelwe, the Ministry of Finance and Planning had already released the money to support the campaign. This was in response to queries raised by members of parliament with regards to the government’s steps to deal with water shortage in the country.

Arumeru West MP, Mr Gibson Maiseyeki also raised issues about his constituency. This, he said, poses a problem as it also serves as the source from which water to Arusha is gotten.  He also expressed displeasure on the fact that Oldonyo Sambu and Oldonyo Sayosi villagers are compelled to use unsafe fluoride-contaminated water.

A ministerial statement acknowledged that 65% of the water supplied in Arusha is sourced from Arumeru West water sources. Mr Jumaa Aweso, the deputy minister, told Parliament that the government intends to improve water access in urban and rural areas. This is through its Water Sector Development Program. It is looking to invest in infrastructures as well as rehabilitating the existing ones to cover a wider population.

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Ongoing water projects

According to Mr. Aweso, the government has completed three projects covering Ilkirevi, Oleigeruno and Nduruma villages. He further added that six more projects in Bwawani, Likamba, Ngaramtoni, Oloitushula, Nengung’u and Loovilukuny are at various stages of implementation.

The deputy minister said during the 2017/18 financial year, at least US $1.35m was allocated for Arusha District Council to finalize implementation of water projects. Meanwhile, Mr Aweso said the government, in partnership with the Department of International Development of the United Kingdom, had released approximately US $1.6m for water projects in Lengijave, Olkokola, Ekenywa, Ngaramtoni and Seuri villages.


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