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Tanzania pledges US $173,000 for construction of Kisaki Hospital

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has pledged US $173,000 towards construction of Kisaki in Morogoro region.

The President made the the pledge during the laying of foundation stone for Stieglier’s Gorge construction and said that the construction of the hospital is being taken into consideration since its being developed same area with Stiglers Gorge project.

“There is need to bring development by building hospitals and if possible a hotel that will cater for visitors visiting the area,” said President Magufuli.

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Health sector in Tanzania

Tanzania has a hierarchical health system which is in tandem with the political administrative hierarchy. At the bottom there are the dispensaries found in every village where the village leaders have a direct influence in its running.

The health centres are found at ward level and the health centre in charge is answerable to the ward leaders. At the district there is a district hospital and at regional level a regional referral hospital. The tertiary level is usually the zone hospitals and at national level there is the national hospital. There are also some specialized hospitals which do not fit directly into this hierarchy and therefore are directly linked to the ministry of health.

The government has several key plans and policies guiding healthcare provision and development. The Health Sector Strategic Plan III  is guided by the Vision 2015 and guides planning for health facilities. The Big Results Now (BRN) was copied from the Malaysian Model of Development and placed health as a key national result area and mainly was for priority setting, focused planning and efficient resource use. There are many other policies aiming at improving the health system and health acre provision in Tanzania.


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