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Two US$25m airports to be constructed in Darfur, Sudan

Khartoum Airports Holdings has signed a contract with the Defense Ministry of Sudan for construction of two airports in Central and East side of Darfur. The two airports to be constructed are Zalingei and Ed Daein airports, and the construction will be constructed at a cost of US$25m. Zalingei is the capital of Central Darfur while Ed Daein is the capital of East Darfur.

The signing of the agreement relating to construction of Zalingei and Ed Daein airports took place on Sunday in the presence of several dignitaries from Darfur, and signing was between the Commander of the Engineers corps, Major General Eng. Saad Mohamed Al-Amin for the Ministry of Defense, and the director of the Holding of Khartoum Airports Company – Engineer Mohamed Abdul-Aziz.

Dr. Al-Tegani Al-Sessi, the head of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA, indicated during the signing ceremony that the move to construct Zalingei and Ed Daein airports among other facilities was important to improving movement of people in this region. He also announced that Darfur Regional Authority will contribute US$75m towards construction of the two airports.

Construction works of the Zalingei and Ed Daein airports are expected to start immediately according to international standards of the Civil Aviation Authority. The minister for Defense said that the project is in line with the country’s strategic plans to construct a network of airports in Sudan. It’s also a sign of the stability, construction and reconstruction process the country is going through.

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