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Calls for Water Regulation Tariffs as Vendors Hike Prices in Uganda

Residents in Luweero District have called for the regulation of water tariffs by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation of Uganda (NSWC) as a result of hiked charges at public and stand pipes.

According the district managers, operators at the public stand pipes are charging US$0.14 for a 20 litre jerry can in several parts of the district despite the know fact that NSWC tariffs do not fluctuate. The minister for water and Environment Mr. Sam Cheptoris has called for the arrest of anyone selling NSWC water at any cost that is more than the standard rate.

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The known standard water rates supposed to be sold at the public stand pipes is $ 0.01 for a 20 litre jerry can according to the NWSC manager in charge of the Luweero cluster. The residents led by Mr. Paul Mukungu, the LC3 chairperson Town Council called for a regulatory mechanism demanding that the NSWC to take full authority in the management and control of the water tariffs as the people are being taken advantage of even with their contribution in taxes for the public facility.

In the water user stakeholder’s meeting that was held earlier last week, the leaders present also demanded for a lagoon to be established in order to popularize on the use of water borne toilets as well as a well-devised plan to help in the extension of piped water to rural areas and enable access to safe and clean water.

This comes just after NSWC recently secured $4.15M that is intended to extend piped water to over 400 villages in the urban areas of Luweero, Semunto, Bombo, Wobulenzi and Zirobwe.



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