Home News Africa Construction of US $74m Tirinyi-Pallisa-Kumi and Pallisa-Kamonkoli road in Uganda on track

Construction of US $74m Tirinyi-Pallisa-Kumi and Pallisa-Kamonkoli road in Uganda on track

The construction of US $74 million Tirinyi-Pallisa-Kumi and Pallisa-Kamonkoli road in Eastern Uganda is on track and scheduled for completion in five years, according to Arab contractors on site.

The road which is 111km long, is being upgraded from murram to tarmac. The project is being funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) in collaboration with the government of Uganda.

Kibuku LC5 chairman, Mr. Charles Kadyama said that although construction of the road had been postponed several times due to budget constraints, work has eventually started.
β€œThe road is a major link to other districts and comes with a number of benefits once ready. Many trading centers are rapidly developing in the route,” he said.

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Commitment to finish the project on time

He also appealed to the people of Kibuku, Kumi, Pallisa, and Budaka to take advantage of the project and engage in viable projects to serve the rapidly growing population.

Arab contractors general manager, Mr. Salah Radwan said that the construction works are going on smoothly and pledged that works will be completed on time as agreed. He further added that they are committed to speeding up the works even if it means working on a daily basis.

“We have put up stringent measures to curtail theft of fuel and site construction tools. All vehicles on site have been fitted with trackers to keep tabs on their locations. We do not entertain stealing of fuel, this is sabotaging the project and whoever is involved with such actions will be penalized,” said Mr. Radwan.

Once completed the road will boost businesses in Eastern Uganda considering the region is rich with resources such as minerals, livestock, and crops. The region hosts manufacturing industries such as Tororo cement and Uganda Clays in Budaka. Moreover, the transportation of market produce will improve putting an end to the impassable road which has in the past troubled motorists.


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