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Uganda commissions solar powered irrigation scheme

The US $484,339 solar powered irrigation scheme in Moyo District Uganda developed by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has been commissioned by Mr Kazuaki Kameda, the Japanese ambassador to Uganda.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony Robijame Farmer Group Chairman Mr Abraham Lou said that the project which was developed with support from the government of Japan, is aimed at addressing water scarcity in the community where villagers are known to travel for long distances in search of water.

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“We used to fetch water from River Nile using jerry cans but the task is tedious. Through this project we will be able to irrigate crops and access water easily since we aim to improve livelihoods,” said Mr Lou.

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Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems is using solar energy for irrigation. Panels, pumps and irrigation systems are designed on the basis of water availability and local crop water requirements.

“Through this project we will now produce enough food even during dry seasons since the Solar Power works even better during those times. Livelihoods will improve since this project will create self reliance by creating means to earn income,” he added.

Mr Antonio Querido, the Country representative of FAO, said through this project, the government of Japan has supported more than 9,000 households in Moyo and Yumbe districts to boost their income generating activities.

“By funding this project, the government of Japan has demonstrated commitment to having refugees become self-reliant. We appeal to them to renew their commitment as we gather to share and celebrate the milestone achievements of the project, particularly the completion of solar-power irrigation scheme that would support the host community to produce sustainable market,” Mr Querido said.

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