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Uganda to receive US $13.6m grant for water and sanitation project

Uganda is set to receive US $13.6m grant from the French Development Agency (FDA) fund water and sanitation project in the country.

Ofwono Opondo, the spokesperson for the Ugandan government confirmed the reports and said that the loan which was recently approved at a cabinet meeting held in Entebbe, is intended to finance several drinking water and sanitation projects in Uganda.

“This funding will ensure the equitable provision of adequate drinking water and improved sanitation services on an acceptable and sustainable basis. In concrete terms, this involves upgrading several water and sanitation infrastructures in Mbarara, Insingiro and Massaka,” said Ofwono Opondo.

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Water and sanitation project

The project also includes the modernization and rehabilitation of the Gaba wastewater treatment plant and water supply network in Gaba, as well as the extension of the water supply network to populated areas and the construction of a new sanitation unit in eastern Kampala.

AfDB who also approved an additional loan of US $150m that will be used to support construction works of phase 2 of the Kampala sanitation and water project, will also provide appropriate infrastructure for water supply systems capable of extracting, treating, delivering and distributing sufficient quantities of drinking water in a sustainable manner.

“Adequate storage facilities will be put in place, in addition to new or refurbished distribution systems, to extend water coverage in the large city of Kampala,” said the AfDB.

According to the European Investment Bank (EIB), which participated in the financing of the first phase of the Kampala project, the funds will increase the coverage and reliability of water supply services and increase access for the inhabitants of the Kampala urban area.


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