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US $135m hazardous waste management facility to be constructed in China

A US $135m hazardous waste management facility is set to be constructed in Huaibei city, China. Bringing sustainable solutions supportive to the local circular economy, this project will ensure the effective treatment of industrial waste whilst protecting the environment and fostering economic and social development. The construction of the project is scheduled to start in the second half of 2020. The completion and commissioning are expected by the end of 2021.

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The facility

With greater demand coupled with the complexity in managing hazardous waste, Huaibei and surrounding cities are looking for the construction of local facilities with a centralized waste management. SUEZ NWS and its partner will establish a new joint venture, to invest, build and operate Huaibei’s first integrated industrial hazardous waste management facility to provide services for companies in the area. Situated in the “New Coal Chemical Synthetic Material” industrial complex, the facility will rely on a treatment and Energy from Waste unit with a 30,000 tonnes annual capacity and a concrete landfill with the same capacity.

The facility will be designed and built to EU emission standards. Its energy recovery system will recover and produce 85,000 tonnes of steam per year, which will be supplied to the industrial customers in the area while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the above-ground landfill, to be designed and built in accordance with China’s latest and most rigorous pollution control standards, will be used for landfilling non-incinerable hazardous waste.


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