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US$ 84.22M to electrify rural households in Rwanda

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has approved a total of US$ 84.22M to electrify close to 88,000 rural households in Rwanda. The monies comprise a loan of US$ 36.77M and a grant of US$ 47.45M both of which were released from the African Development Fund (ADF) through a project dubbed Transmission System Reinforcement and Last Mile Connectivity.

ADF is a concessional financing window of the AfDB that provides low-income Regional Member Countries (RMCs) with exceptional loans and grants, guarantees as well as technical assistance for studies and capacity building in support of projects and programs that stimulate poverty reduction and economic development.

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Scope of the electrification project

Some of the activities that will be carried out as part of this project include the construction of 595 kilometers of medium voltage distribution lines and 1,620 kilometers of low voltage distribution networks in half a dozen districts of southern Rwanda.

The project will also see the upgrade, rehabilitation, and extension of 1,720 kilometers of low voltage network, and distribution of transformers in secondary cities with high load.

Upon completion, the project is looked forward to improving the reliability and stability of the power supply across the country, expand electricity access and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by enabling access to clean energy.

Furthermore, it is expected to bolster education by extending students’ access to light for study, and benefit small and medium enterprises while enhancing job creation for the youth.

Part of Universal Access to Energy Program in Rwanda (RUEAP)

This electrification project is a part of the Universal Access to Energy Program in Rwanda (RUEAP), which aims to achieve universal access to electricity by 2024.

Other than helping advance the East African country’s efforts of universal electrification by 2024 the project will also benefit small businesses and youth in the region.

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