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Illuminarium Experiences set to open its first Atlanta location

Illuminarium Experiences is set to begin operations in Atlanta, Beltline next month, offering a safari experience in virtual reality of Africa and its exotic animals in their natural habitats. The company is a worldwide leader in cinematic and interactive content, theatrical and architectural design, and venue operations. They received US$100 million in initial funding for the construction of its venue that includes an 8,000-square-foot room, a massive canvas, 350 feet in length over 20 feet in height, with state-of-the-art laser projection, rich spatial beamforming audio, in-floor haptics, scent, and lidar-based interactive technologies.

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The space will transport visitors to Africa through cinematic content shot by RadicalMedia. Custom camera arrays that provide a 240-degree native field of view will be used (versus the average 210-degree human field of view), on location to showcase majestic animals in their native habitats across South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, and Kenya. The WILD experience will be followed by SPACEWALK, a mind-blowing journey through the Solar System, where the Illuminarium audience will experience what it’s like to walk on the surface of the Moon and Mars. From the distant and remote ice worlds and comets of the Kuiper belt, the stellar Nebula beyond familiar to the Rocky Planets of the Solar System’s inner regions, and the Gas Giants dominating the outer regions.

“Illuminarium Experiences offers immersive entertainment unlike we’ve seen,” said Todd Boehly, Co-founder and CEO of Eldridge. “The brand complements many of our investments across the entertainment and consumer landscapes, and we look forward to partnering with Alan and his team to continue to grow Illuminarium.” The Illuminarium partners have aggressive plans to roll out its locations around the world. Following Atlanta, the company plans to open locations in Las Vegas at AREA 15 in January 2022 and in Miami, at Mana in the Wynwood Arts District, in spring 2022. Other North American locations under consideration are New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas.


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