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World’s Tallest Concentrated Solar Power Tower installed

The world’s tallest concentrated solar power tower has been installed in Dubai. The tower reaches 262 meters into the sky and at the top is perched the Molten Salt Receiver (MSR) which is a critical component in all concentrated solar power plants. The tower receives concentrated radiation from parabolic mirrors and then converts it to thermal energy which is stored in molten salt form for use to drive turbines and provide electricity even after the sun goes down

The solar power tower is part of phase 4 of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park which came with a US$4.3 billion price tag. The fourth phase of the solar park combines CSP and photovoltaic technology and is rated for 950MW. It will use 700 MW of CSP, 600 MW from a parabolic basin complex, 100MW from the solar power tower and 250 MW from photovoltaic solar panels. On completion, the project will have the largest thermal storage capacity in the world of 15 hours, allowing for energy availability around the clock.

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