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US $241m modernisation of Beitbridge Border Post to begin in February

Construction works on the US $241m modernization project of the Beitbridge Border Post is set to begin in February this year. The project is expected to be fully implemented within 3 years with contractor having already covered a lot of ground with regards to pre-work logistics in the first year.

According to the project’s Contracts Manager Mr Herkie Sandernbergh of Raubex Construction, the modernisation programme was being rolled out in three phases: phase 1 which will involve pre-commencement works, phase 2 which will involve internal border infrastructure development and phase 3 which will involve outside border infrastructure development.

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“Some buildings will be demolished while others are set for upgrading to fit into the modernisation. We have a tight deadline of 24 months now to complete this project and judging from the stages we have covered, we are definitely going to meet our target,” he added.

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Some pre-commencement and minor works are already done and the main civil works will start next month. The initial stage involved minimising challenges of accommodating vehicle traffic during peak periods but there is plan in the pipeline to divert traffic through the export section, so that civil work on the main immigration terminal can be carried out. The contractor will then move from a transition stage to the upgrading of the current immigration terminal and other key infrastructure.

Beitbridge Border Post

An average of 200 000 travellers, 30 000 buses, 100 000 light vehicles, 35 000 commercial trucks uses the Beitbridge Border Post monthly. Some of the civil works which fall under the programme are the construction of more commercial customs offices, paving, and expansion of sewer and water reticulation.

Other works are: separation of traffic, construction of a commercial bridge to link with South Africa and the upgrading of Beitbridge Municipality’s key infrastructure.

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa laid the foundation for the project in July 2018.

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