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Zimbabwe to begin rehabilitation of Water Supply Systems

US$4 million in grant has been disbursed by the Zimbabwe Multi Donor Trust Fund to the Redcliff Municipality to facilitate the rehabilitation of the water supply systems.

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The US$4 million makes part of a $36 million grant that is to be distributed under the Water and Sanitation Programme for the second phase.

The funds are managed and administered by the African Development Bank that is meant for the reinforcement of distribution of water and waste collection systems in five cities among them Redcliff.

The project will be carried out by a local company; Drawcard. It will involve the replacement of pipes in some of the most critical sections in the water distribution system.

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This also includes the replacement of 2.3km, 250mm diameter corroded steel pipes to a supply pipeline to Torwood which has failed to deliver water. PVC pipes will be installed according to Eng. Zabanita.

The sewerage system is also set to undergo some improvements whereby the corroded steel sewer pipes will be dismantled and replaced and sewer ponds to undergo rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation of the Rutendo Reservoir structure that is supposed to store portable water will also be done. In addition, for maximum security, a fence will be erected around the site that will only allow access to authorized entry and prevent tampering with the contents structure.

For this second phase, sewer cleaning and maintenance equipment, laboratory equipment, domestic and commercial meters will be acquired by ZimFund to facilitate the construction of buildings for tests in Harare, Ruwa and Redcliff councils.

The project was delayed as there was no engineer to implement the programme effectively. It is expected to improve the water supply by 75mega litres a day.  It is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


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