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Zimbabwe to expand toll gate facilities

Intertoll Zimbabwe , a local unit of Intertoll Africa and Univern Enterprises has been contracted by the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) to set up e-tolling systems. The road administrator also approached Univern with a proposal to expand toll plazas backroom infrastructure to house facilities  like the road traffic  accident stabilisation centres.

Warren Cohen from Univern Enterprises informed that the proposal came at a time when they in the process of discussing expansion and re-development of some of the structures at the toll gates, especially the offices. Mr. Cohen told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructure that the company was at an advanced stage of deliberations with ZINARA, which will see the development of infrastructure at the toll plazas.

There is a huge amount of unused space at the various designated toll gates in the country, which can be developed into something productive. Accidents on the roads of Zimbabwe have become a daily occurrence and place a heavy burden on society. Transport authorities reaction to accidents is often devoid of actionable solutions.

The establishment of Accident Victims Stabilisation Centres at all all toll gates and toll plaza will see ambulances and doctors being stationed at toll gates which are 100 Km apart. In this manner if an accident is to happen within their perimeter, the necessary officials can respond  and attend to it expeditiously.

Mr. Dexter Nduna, Committee Chairperson and Chegutu West Legislator said “We cannot continue to lose lives  while the toll gates are being used for income receipts only. You can utilise them for saving the lives of people you are getting money from.” Mr. Cohen confirmed that Univern Enterprises expects to start the expansion of toll gate structures by the beginning of 2017.

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