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Zimbabwe is set to address flaws in their sporting infrastructure which includes the renovations its major stadiums; Rufaro and Gwanzura. The Harare City Council officials announced that they will tour both Gwanzura and Rufaro to have a first-hand appreciation of what is taking place at the two stadiums.

The renovations at the Gwanzura stadium will include the repairing of the run-down lighting system before the start of the 2020 Premiership season, which will enable the venue to host evening matches. The security wall at the stadium will also be demolished and replaced.

Gwanzura has virtually turned into a white elephant since 2015, with most Premiership action in the capital being confined to Rufaro and the National Sports Stadium over the years. The city authorities were recently forced to send a team of workers to Gwanzura to remove weeds after an outcry by the city residents over its poor condition.

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Major Upgrades

Council spokesperson Michael Chideme said designs for the drainage system have already been done by the council, while the turf has been procured. “We have just realised that sport plays a pivotal role in promoting Harare as a recreational destination. Teams from across the country come to Harare to play football and it’s part of our branding as a city. Work should begin on the laying of a modern drainage system which had already been designed by the Harare City Council Water Department, he said.

According to the City Director of Housing Addison Nhekairo, the budget set aside for the renovations of the stadium remained provisional pending the ministry’s approval, but the finance department has indicated that it will be approved soon. He further acknowledged that Rufaro, too, needs a facelift. CAF have condemned all stadiums in the country with the exception of Barbourfields, which has been provisionally cleared to host international fixtures.

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