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Kigali Green Complex Development in Rwanda

Kigali Green Complex is an environmental-friendly mixed-use multi-billion project that is being developed in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, on the site previously occupied by the building that used to house the East African country ministry of justice, near Kigali Convention Centre.

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Spread over an area of 26,000 square meters, the Kigali Green Complex upon completion will have a total of 140 service apartment rooms, conference rooms, offices, entertainment and exhibition areas, in addition to cinema rooms, markets, shops, bars, and restaurants, forex bureaus, natural areas, children areas, playgrounds, pharmacies, clinics, and others.

Kigali Green Complex, Rwanda Vavaki Architects Architecture

 Africa’s first gold-rated green, mixed-use complex

Reportedly, Kigali Green Complex will be Africa’s first gold-rated green, mixed-use complex.

Noteworthy, a gold-rated green building is a building that has been designed, constructed, and operated so as to have a low impact on the environment. It is basically designed to maintain a substantial reduction in energy and water consumption, low carbon gas emissions, and a reduced impact on natural resource consumption.

Such buildings also ensure there is a complete elimination of hazardous waste as well as a reduction in operational costs, among other things, which in turn provides productivity and the well-being of the occupants through better indoor environment quality.

Kigali Green Complex, Rwanda Vavaki Architects Architecture

Project team

The Kigali Green Complex project is developed by Duval Great Lakes Ltd, a subsidiary company of the French company Groupe Duval.

It is designed by Vavaki Architects.

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