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Nigeria Cultural Center & Millennium Tower Project in Abuja, Nigeria

The Nigeria Cultural Center, is a project that is being developed by Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) in the heart of Abuja.

It involves the construction of an eight-storey, low rise, pyramid-shaped steel, and glass cultural complex destined to house the most important African Art Museum in the West African country and one of the largest in the world, as well as an Auditorium for 2000 spectators.

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Next to the cultural complex, the project involves the construction and urban layout of the main square of the capital, dominated by a monumental tower that is 170 meters (560 ft.). The tower consists of three cylindrical concrete pillar-like structures varying in height and linked together near the towers the first peak using a disc-shaped section that will house in its two floors, an observation deck, and a revolving panoramic restaurant at an altitude of +107 meters where visitors will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the city below while they eat.

Around the pillars of the tower is three transparent stainless steel wings wrapped delicately and protectively around the base of the tower, and they gradually open outwards in a fan-like fashion as they extend up the height of the tower.

The lighting design of the project involved equipping the Tower with a screen that shall display the logo of Nigeria, and through the control system, also displaying alternative images in a completely dynamic way. The screen will be fixed with an anchoring system on steel cables to make the element perfectly integrated into the structure and completely transparent when not in use.

Project team
  1. Design Consultants: Manfredi Nicoletti, Italy
  2. Acoustic Consultants: XU-Acoustiques (Paris, France)
  3. General Contractors: Salini Nigeria Ltd

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