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ACCA software ; Architectural BIM Software

In 25 years of activity, ACCA has developed solutions for a multitude of construction industry needs: architectural design, bills of quantities, structural analysis, maintenance plans and facility management, health and safety, energy efficiency, acoustics, technical systems engineering, fire prevention, renewable energy, technical studies and office management, survey management, and many more.

Over 90 different solutions produced by a single company for the construction sector… A know-how that makes ACCA a unique software company with the unique ability to combine extreme simplicity and extraordinary design tools to seamlessly integrate with other ACCA software solutions such as for structural engineering and calculations, bill of quantities, energy performance, health and safety, facility management, technical systems and plant engineering.  

ACCA Edificius BIM software

With the Edificius BIM software, adopting BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a design process couldn’t be easier incorporating the revolutionary, highly convenient Pay-As-You-Go monthly or yearly license subscription plans. A software for Architecture that’s easy to use and to learn, at the top for innovation and professionalism and much more convenient than any other BIM solution, fully supported by an extensive and interactive library of FREE video tutorials, a dedicated technical support team, discussion forums and software maintenance.

Founded in 1989, ACCA has established a strong position in developing software solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction industries well known for ease of use, its highly creative and practical approach, its strong attitude for innovation and the ability to provide adequate answers to the growing needs of professionals. 

Edificius allows the AEC role player (Architect, Engineer, Contractor) make the most of all the advantages deriving from integrated architectural BIM design. Dynamic integration with SketchUp and Blender to model free form solids or import and export BIM models in the Building Smart IFC format.

IFC is the “common” file format (industry foundation classes), that allows all team designers (architectural, structural engineer, plant engineer, etc.) to exchange their BIM models even when using different BIM design solutions. Edificius, with its IFC 2×3 import/export tools, is compliant with the Coordination View 2.0 certification issued by Building SMART.

Get topographic maps and land survey data directly from Google Maps® using the Edificius-LAND,  also available as a stand-alone solution or as an internal module of Edificius with all the tools and functionalities of a specific digital terrain modelling software. Outdoor spaces can be enriched with urban or rural landscape elements such as trees, bushes, plants, roads, squares, yards and furniture, etc.

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More extensive quantity surveying and cost estimating tools are available in PriMus by means of seamless integration with Edificius. Producing traditional technical drawings can create a communication gap between the customer’s expectations and the idea expressed by the architect so this is where Art and Architecture start to come together with 3D renderings, conceptual illustrations and HD video animations that truly make the difference. 

When a project is completed, reflecting both inside and outside accurately, the architect is then able to give his customer a precise representation of what will be achieved after construction. 

The architectural and Design fields have in recent years been completely revolutionized when it comes to virtual reality and animation. The classic way of representing design ideas is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as customers are continuously demanding 3D rendered views that bring a deeper sense of realism and spatial perception. 

There are a multitude of benefits when using 3D modelling and rendering in architectural design that allow design flaws to be quickly identified and analyzed because, let’s be honest, buildings are becoming sophisticated pieces of engineering, and it is often very difficult to understand their complexity by simply looking at 2D drawings. 


All of these considerations converge towards new advancements in software technology and visual communication tools. Edificius is now the first BIM software that integrates Real Time Rendering and BIM design to produce photorealistic renderings of architectural design ideas in real-time, while continuing to work with the BIM process.

Real Time rendering as a design support tool, not only for visualization purposes. Perfect integration into the surrounding environment RTBIM – Material details Get the full details Dynamic lighting 3D HQ textures available in the BIM Objects Library Real time lighting simulations Perfect integration into the surrounding environment Cut away views A bird’s eye view of a building designed using the BIM philosophy IFC certification for both import and export Completing the project with vehicles and animated people Seamless integration wth other ACCA software – Structural Design & Analysis Realistic views of any project Dynamic cost estimating fully compliant with 5D BIM philosophy. Scene visual effects in Real Time rendering – 2 Project phasing

Edificius truly contributes to making the BIM philosophy a global success and to promoting the digital construction industry as a central role player in the development of key concepts and policies, such as efficient infrastructures, cities and smart homes, improving technical professionalism, customer satisfaction, and the general image of the industry by cutting unnecessary costs and drastically increasing productivity in an ever more competitive world. 


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