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Bauer’s new MC 86 Duty-Cycle Crane

Bauer Maschinen GmbH introduced its new generation MC 86 earlier this year. This replaces the MC 64 small cutter carrier in Bauer’s duty-cycle crane range. The MC 86 Duty-Cycle Crane includes new 30-ton free-fall winches with high speeds and cable capacity.

There is also a complete overhaul of the rig to accommodate a main cable diameter of 34 mm and a universal mast head for gripping and lifting work. An optional fly jib allowed a maximum payload of 35 t on the auxiliary line.

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When developing the MC, a focus was placed on seamlessly combining the design with Bauer-specific special equipment in particular. Bauer duty-cycle cranes are equipped with powerful diesel motors. For example, the MC 76/86/96 middle platform series is equipped with a 570 kW engine. Compared to a lifting crane of the same load bearing capacity, this engine provides double the performance.

Reduction in Noise and Fuel Consumption

Reduced noise emission and noise reduction has been achieved through specially developed noise protection kits. This is achieved using a number of technical measures, such as optimized airflow. There is also a controls system for the cooling unit attached to speed and the Smart Eco Mode for the diesel engine. This is more or less related to effecting Energy Efficiency Power technology (EEP) in the new MC generation.

The new MC duty-cycle crane models are also equipped with a number of features in terms of work safety. These include additional hand rails and guard rails for safe mounting on the upper carriage, safety sensors and camera systems. They also have a patented monitored rope anchorage with overload protection or a special personnel safety system that protects the technician from major injury during boom assembly.



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