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Headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, Metal Innovation Africa’s long-term partnerships with suppliers and engineers in Germany have enabled us to bring exciting new products to African markets. The company designs metal fencing systems and solutions.

The high levels of humidity and rainfall experienced in the West of Africa means that builders and contractors require construction materials that can withstand corrosion and degradation that could occur as a result. In addition, clients seek for solutions that will help them cut down on the cost of maintenance.

Metal Innovation Africa’s Slat-Pro Aluminium Fencing Systems are available in a variety of finishes including up to six choices of wood grain. Slat-Pro but will never rot, grow mold, or corrode from exposure to the sun, salt or water. The fencing systems are manufactured from high grade stainless-steel, aluminium or wrought iron. The products are also supplied with a a No Rust guarantee.

The Slat-Pro Aluminium Fencing Systems can be used for various purposes, including;

  • Perimeter Fencing

  • Sun Screens

  • Solar Panel Mounts

  • Car Ports

  • Office Partitioning

In addition, minimal costs would be realized on slats and posts since they would not need repainting, coating or treatment for termite damage or damp-proof. The slats and posts are coated with a durable marine grade polyurethane powder, which is impregnated with photographic imaging; resulting in a permanent colour or wood grain finish. The slats for the Slat-Pro Aluminium Fencing Systems come with channel wall connectors to allow affixing on concrete walls, or they can simply be mounted on flexible profile posts provided by the company.

Visit Metal Innovation Africa’s website for more information or call +234 811 666 9803 to speak directly with a customer service representative.

Metal Innovation Africa fencing systems


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