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New Ditchwitch MT9 microtrencher

The powerful, compact Ditchwitch  MT9 micro-trencher offers a cost-effective solution for installing fiber-optic cable in residential areas. The machine is ideal for areas with limited spacing. The machine’s pull-push feature is a first in the industry. It also serves to keep the saw in the ground for minimal ground disturbance.

The PDC Fiber blade whose patent is presently pending enables utility contractors get up to 20 times the lifespan on their blades. The Ditch Witch organization ensures all parts work together with unbeatable productivity. This helps have quick and efficient street crossings.

According to Steve Seabolt Ditchwitch Product manager, the new MT9 minimizes the space required to operate. The machine comes as a relief from traditional fiber-installation methods which, according to him lack the speed and efficiency to be cost-effective for contractors.

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The MT9 creates clean, shallow trenches up to 9 inches deep and 0.375 to 1.5 inches wide. This serves to minimize ground disruption. Additionally, the micro-trencher works with the FX65 vacuum excavator to further create a clean trench in one pass by effectively removing spoils. The accuracy in turn helps save time while producing a better-looking finish.

The MT9 works with the Ditch Witch-exclusive PDC Fiber blade that contains diamond-embedded carbide. The durable, maintenance-free design of the Fiber blade lasts up to 20 times longer than standard blades. This enhances jobsite performance and improving ROI.

The MT9 adds to a growing family of micro-trenching solutions. All these are under the company that pioneered the modern micro-trencher. The MT9 is backed by a network of over 175 experienced dealer locations worldwide.

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