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Tamtron One Power Wheel Loader Scale

Approved for commercial use, the Tamtron one power wheel loader scale enables quick and efficient weighing while loading materials

The easy-to-use One Power wheel loader scale weighs the material during the lifting, making loading work faster and more efficient. The scale has three different weighing modes. The easy-to-use storage weighing mode enables monitoring the amounts of moved materials while separating different material types. The memo weighing mode can be used when loading materials for different customers or onto different trucks during the same work shift, for example. The quick basic weighing mode comes in handy when there is no need to separate material or other information.

Weighing information management

Weighing information collected to the memory of the Tamtron One Power wheel loader scale can be printed with each weighing or transferred to be utilized for business activities via USB, a cloud service or integration directly to an ERP or other system. With the electronic information transfer, orders can be transmitted directly to the scale and acknowledged as completed via the scale, making it possible to carry out invoicing immediately after the weighing. Optimized loads and information regarding transferred amounts, materials and schedules make business more efficient and bring transparency to the processes, giving tools for optimal profit-making. With the information, work sites can be optimized to be as fluent and efficient as possible and reporting between co-operation partners becomes easier.

Safer operations

The accurate scale improves safety as well, as damage caused by overloading can be avoided and the truck can be loaded accurately without exceeding the allowed weight limits. Safety can also be increased with features such as an immobiliser system or a rear-view camera connected to the scale.

Tamtron one power scale models

All One Power wheel loader scale models save the weighing information to a log memory and important information, such as customers and materials, can be saved into the scale. The basic models One Power 100, One Power 150 and One Power 200 do not come with the electronic information transfer feature, but they can easily be updated to a more advanced One Power model at any time.

About Tamtron

Tamtron is an advanced product manufacturer and weighing information management service provider in the weighing industry that is committed to high-quality and responsible service. The company’s success is based on the ability to produce some of the most innovative and competitive weighing solutions in the industry.

The weighing solutions provided by Tamtron make customers’ everyday operations easier and more efficient not only in the construction and mining industry, but in industries such as manufacturing, harbors, forestry and timber, transport and logistics as well as recycling and waste management.

The company’s ISO 9001:2015 quality certified know-how ensures high-quality deliveries. The internationally operating company has a turnover of EUR 22 million, and the group employs 140 professionals. The company’s main office is in Finland, and it has subsidiaries in Sweden, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to strong domestic trade, Tamtron exports its products globally to more than 60 countries. Tamtron is a reliable partner for demanding weighing solutions with more than 40 years of experience.

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