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TRIISOPROPANOLAMINE TIPA85%, Tri-2-propanolamine (TIPA 85%)

TIPA Triisopropanolamine 85% CAS122-20-3 Manufacture from China

1. Triisopropanolamine (TIPA)
2. CAS No.: 122-20-3
3. 99% 85% 80%
4. for cement grinding aid CGA

Triisopropanolamine is used as a cross-linker in special niche water-based coating applications. The cement and concrete industries use TIPA as a grinding aid, and it is used in concrete admixtures. TIPA is used as a neutralizing agent in agricultural products and water borne coatings.


TIPA: 85% min.(86%), MIPA+DIPA 0- 2% max, balance is water

Physical Form(25°C): Crystalline Solid
Color: Colorless or light yellow
Melting Point: 45°C
Boiling Point: 305°C
Smelling: Very light ammoniacal odor
Flash Point: 130°C
Specific Gravity(25/4°C): 1.0
Viscosity (60°C): 141mPas

Cement & Concrete improves the grinding efficiency resulting in energy savings; prevents from agglomeration or clumping; as water reducing agent.
Rubber curing Chain terminator in isoprene polymerization.
Polyurethane Used as Cross-linker to improve PU foam quality.
Metal working to improve corrosion protection, antioxidant.

Net weight 200kg/ iron drum ;1000kg IBC drum;20 tons flexibag

Shelf time of TIPA is one year, and after then it could still be available once has passed a chemical test.

Generally present no toxicity, alkalescency but do not irritate skin.
Higher flashing point, it should be prevented the material from spilling into the eyes while handling.

Company introduction
Professional manufacture ofConcret admixtures-HPEG TPEG APEG and polycarboxylate superplasticizer PCE;Cement grinding aid(CGA) raw material TIPA DEIPA

Sell PCE HPEG TPEG Process

DCS Automation Control in production line;Hightechnewenterprises,owningoneinvention patents and numbersof patented technology

22 years production history;ISO &SGS approved plant,Free sample will be send

CONTACT:[email protected] Skype:horizon.selly

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