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Turnall Holding launches Ecosheet roofing product in Zimbabwe

TURNALL Holdings a leading supplier and manufacturer of quality construction materials in Zimbabwe has launched a new cement fibre product called Eco-sheet, an innovative roofing option that is affordable and environmentally friendly.

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Mike Bimha presided over the launch at the company’s Bulawayo branch in Belmont, Zimbabwe.

The minister commended Turnall for coming up with the new product and challenged companies in the country to embrace innovation so as to survive the difficult economic climate.

According to Dr. Mike Bimha the Government is aware of the challenges facing the economy and was doing its best to create the best investment environment that will sustain growth of local companies.

The minister urged the private sector to approach the government with solutions as opposed to complaining over problems that are already known. Turnall board representative Mr. Manfred Mahari said the new product is developed in response to consumer needs in relation to environment and economic realities.

Eco-friendly roofing product

“Eco-sheet is a value and environmentally friendly product that will be available in all sizes and moulds that Turnall has traditionally supplied to the market. It is durable and maintenance free. It is significantly cheaper than traditional fibre cement products making it appropriate for low cost housing,” said Manfred Mahari.

Acting Managing Director Ms Roseline Chisveto said the new product is a demonstration of the firm’s commitment to serving the market and responding to its needs. As such, she said Turnall was taking steps to build a closer relationship with carpenters and roofers in an effort to empower and offer its market with best skills and product usage.

“Turnall has trained carpenters and roofers across the country and has acknowledged their competency and skills,” she affirmed.

Ms Chisveto said the new product has been certified by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe and was fit to be released into the market.

Buy Zimbabwe economist Mr. Kipson Gundani said Turnall has demonstrated that local firms have the capacity to produce quality product and urged consumers to support local industry by buying local.

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