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Vibroser Provides Long-Lasting Usage for Industrial Flooring

Vibroser’s industrial flooring creates convenient and comfortable cleanable areas for industrial facilities. Floors used in industrial areas are places where products are produced and stored. For this reason, suitable floors should be used for coating. Vibroser floor coverings offer practical solutions with superior quality, high efficiency, and easy cleaning features preferred in many industrial areas.

Vibroser’s industrial Floor Covering Provides High Standards

Vibroser offers the floor covering options for companies that mainly produce industrial production. In accordance with advanced hygiene standards, it is also preferred in the food sector, which requires precision. Another important feature is the selection of materials suitable for the area in which the floor covering will be made. High chemical resistant products are preferred. These products, which are very easy to clean and practical, also have anti-slip properties.

Due to its high durability and compliance with hygienic conditions, it is not affected by physical and chemical effects and impacts. One of the features that increase their preference is providing hygienic industrial floors for businesses. Vibroser’s industrial floors are suitable for use in many different areas. In addition to its hygienic structure, it offers visually stylish designs. It can be designed in different sizes and shapes depending on the needs. Porcelain industrial tile applications are applied with the vibrating floor application technique. The vibratory floor application technique, one of the safest techniques used for years, gives very successful results. Its resistant structure against chemicals and external factors remains on its first day for many years. Acid Proof ceramic tile applications contribute to industrial areas.

Superior Service in Tile Preferences

In enterprises where high hygiene standards are applied, antacid industrial tiles are fired at high temperatures, and their durability increases. Acid Proof Tiles application starts with cleaning the floor to be applied first. Businesses prefer them due to their long life and environmental friendliness. It is produced using natural materials and is easy to clean. It ensures that possible work accidents are prevented by being built and furnished in accordance with the structure of the business.

Acid Proof Tiles  are applied at transition points between floors, at transition points to materials with different textures, and in areas where anti-slip properties are desired. On the other hand, hexagonal tile is more resistant to impacts and heavy loads due to its form. For this reason, industrial hexagonal tiles are applied in many areas. These industrial floors are easily cleanable and non-porous structures with low water absorption values. Besides being resistant to chemicals, hexagonal floors have a structure that can be easily cleaned and does not produce bacteria. For this reason, hexagonal ceramic is one of the products preferred in the industrial field.

Hygienic Border Options for Production Facilities

Hygienic borders; are antibacterial, hygienic certified products are not affected by chemicals that protect walls and columns against impacts. It is used in all facilities, especially in the food industry. It is widely used in bakeries, patisseries, companies producing meat and dairy products. It is also used in areas such as shopping malls, markets, supermarkets where human circulation is high. In addition, it is used in pharmaceutical production factories and warehouses. Almost all of these areas are places that require high hygiene standards. In these areas, the growth of invisible microbes and bacteria can reach health threats. For this reason, hygienic floor and border applications that do not produce bacteria should be preferred.

Hygienic Floats Creating More Sheltered Spaces

In areas such as doors, walls, columns, hygienic bollards are used to provide effective protection against physical impacts. The use of hygienic bollards is widespread and effective, especially in areas such as warehouses where heavy loads and large-sized materials are transported and protected. Hygienic bollards prevent the forklift from hitting around during transport and damaging the walls and columns. For this reason, it is important to choose hygienic and antibacterial pontoons that prevent impacts.

Epoxy Adhesive and Joint Fillers That Strengthen Floors

The most important factor that industrial service companies should pay attention to is hygiene and durability. Epoxy adhesives are used to increase the durability of concrete floors. Epoxy adhesive provides durability for many years on the floor where it is used. Durability is one of the most important factors in these floors with high human circulation. For this reason, hygiene joint fillers increase this durability. In order for these products to show the expected effect, they should be applied to the existing floor by the experts. Before the materials are applied, it is important to clean the floor to be used entirely to have a higher effect. Epoxy adhesives and joint fillers are among the products that can be preferred in terms of durability. These products can also be used on walls.

Along with all these features, Vibroser products enable the creation of high standards of safety and hygiene areas, allowing for the right solutions.

Vibroser is a member of the “European Hygienic Design and Engineering Group” (EHEDG) organization, which was established in 1989 to create and spread the knowledge about “Hygienic Design”.

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