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Western Co. launches its new storage system Leonardo PRO X

Western CO, an Italian company that has been operating in the photovoltaic sector for over 30 years, has recently developed a new line of Inverter with Storage called “Leonardo PRO X“; the new system will make it possible to carry out different types of systems.

Leonardo Pro X, in fact, is suitable for various types of configuration of a photovoltaic system:

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With Grid presence configured without Feeding into the grid ;

With Grid presence configured with Feeding into the grid;

No Grid totally OFF-GRID

No Grid with backup on Diesel Generator

“The storage systems in photovoltaics will increasingly improve the efficiency of users and the quality of life of people. The real difference will be made by the management, that is the heart of the system” says the Head of Sales of Western CO, Mr Massimo Strozzieri.

In fact, in all Western CO systems it is possible to monitor directly from a smartphone in real time what happens to our system: how much you consumes, how much is stored in the battery and the percentage of independence from the electricity grid.

Western CO knows very well the problems of access to energy in Africa, in fact, in the new Leonardo PRO X system there is a UPS system so that the batteries can also be recharged from the grid, when the grid is present.

“The African problem concerns, in fact, more episodes of total blackout than energy costs and we are well aware of this” says Alessandra Cimini, Export Officer for Western CO. “In fact, our systems are increasingly requested in Africa for reliability and technology and we are also very proud of many humanitarian projects that choose us to bring energy to their educational or public health initiatives “.

Furthermore, in the new PRO X there is already installed a device for the Energy Communities that will allow those who own a Leonardo PRO X to exchange energy through the Blockchain platform, without depending on an external party. A goal achieved through continuous research, which has always been extremely important for the company.

Western CO has always been synonymous with reliability and quality and has always been known not only for its storage systems but also for solar public lighting and its systems for the nautical and camper sector.

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