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National Construction Authority hits 25,000 registered Contractors

The number of registered contractors in Kenya has risen to about 25,000 as of this month. This is according to the country’s National Construction Authority. National Construction Authority Chief executive, Daniel Manduku, said NCA is registering an average of 100 contractors every week and has exceeded expectations as the regulator had initially targeted to register about 7,000 contractors countrywide. Manduku said their priorities this year will be to create a database of skilled construction workers countrywide and hope to register at least a million in the next three months.

They will also publish a register for contractors.National Construction Authority will assess the capabilities of skilled construction workers – including their qualifications and experience – with a view to identifying the gaps and focus training as appropriate. The exercise will identify their geographical distribution, age profile and gender as well.

They will also intensify quality assurance in the sector in the wake of various buildings that have collapsed countrywide. Manduku said they are working together with county governments and police to ensure that construction projects adhere to regulations. Out of the registered contractors, about 250 are foreign, the bulk of which are Chinese and European. Many of the Chinese contractors are backed by their government. Manduku added that foreign contractors make up about one per cent of the registered contractors.

According to Manduku, project sponsors will now have to register contracts with the NCA to enable it establish the value of ongoing construction projects.

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