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Nigeria: Reconstruction of Lagos-Ibadan expressway progressing well

Mike Onolemenmen, the Minister of Works in Nigeria, has said that reconstruction of the Lagos-Ibadan road is going on well so far.

The minister said this after inspecting the reconstruction works, noting that about 30 kilometers have already been reconstructed, which was perfect for the project.

He said that this expressway reconstruction project may be even delivered before the estimated completion period, which is a 48 months schedule, due to the use of improved financing mechanism for the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Private finance initiative would see through the reconstruction of the Lagos-Ibadan road by providing 70% of the funds needed, he said, adding that the federal government was responsible for rehabilitation of the 30% of the cost.

He also said that there are 25,000 kilometres of fair roads in the country, with 10,000 km outstanding.

He further explained that the country is undertaking 184 projects, hence demanding a portfolio size of about N 1.7 trillion, and there was a fair balance in sharing the projects among geo-political zones. He also confirmed that President Goodluck Jonathan’s government commitment to delivering good projects. He said projects would continue despite a drop in oil prices.

The minister has said that the country would have a standard means to manage the roads network like happens in developed countries, once the National Assembly enacts the federal government – approved Road Reform Bill.

He said the country was in plans to link the six geo-political zones with dual carriage ways. “What we used to call the missing link road on our route A2 from Warri port to Benin City,is already dualised. The missing link is now from Benin-Lokojaand work is going on in this missing link and the dualisation is in progress,” He said.

The country announced that it would undertake reconstruction of Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway.


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