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Zimbabwe-Zambia-Botswana-Namibia (ZIZABONA) power interconnector

ZIZABONA is a 400/330kV Interconnector line envisaged to establish the required infrastructure to interconnect Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia. Construction of the interconnector which will enable the wheeling of power north-south or vice versa via the Caprivi Link officially began in February 2013.

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Components of the ZIZABONA project include a direct line from Livingstone to Zambezi together with a radial connection from Victoria Falls to Pandamatenga. The project is currently incomplete. It is awaiting funding approval from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

When fully operational, the ZIZABONA transmission interconnector will link four important power national markets, and strengthen the overall Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).  Furthermore, the project will enhance trade between the countries in the SAPP and promote increased trade within SADC through the provision of another power transmission corridor.

Reported in August 2014

Zizabona Energy Project attracts investors


At least five investors have expressed interest in developing an electricity transmission interconnector linking Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia.

Commonly known as Zizabona, the transmission interconnector project has the capacity to increase power trading among participating utilities, as well as provide an alternative route and help decongest the existing central transmission corridor that currently passes through Zimbabwe.

The five investors – the African Development Bank (AfDB), Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), European Investment Bank (EIB), French Development Agency, and Stanbic Botswana – pledged more than US$160 million towards the project.

The total funding requirement is US$223 million, comprising US$67 million equity and US$156 million debt financing.

DBSA has indicated that it is willing to contribute US$50 million over a 17-year horizon.

The French Development Agency pledged to commit between US$30 million and US$50 million, while the AfDB said it is prepared to pick up 40 percent of the debt financing required. The rest of the financing could be covered via “African Finance Partners”.

Reported in May 2017

Feasibility tests for the ZIZABONA energy project progress

Viability studies for the construction of the US$59 million Zimbabwe- Zambia-Botswana-Namibia (ZIZABONA) power project have advanced with the project planned for completion in 2019.

Zesco representative Henry Kapata said in a media interview recently that the viability studies on the ZIZABONA project are being run by the southern Africa power pool project unit.

Mr. Kapata said the project entails the construction of a 10 kilometers stretch of 330 kilovolts transmission line from Victoria Falls to Mukuni region in Livingstone and a 101km of 330 kV transmission line from Hwange substation in Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe.

He said another 330 kV transmission line will be put up on a stretch of 200 km from the Mukuni region to the Sesheke district. Mr. Kapata said another 330 kV transmission line will be put up from Victoria Falls to the Pandamatenga substation in Botswana.

“The ZIZABONA project is destined to improve reliable power trade in the area. The project is also destined to make stronger security of supply and meet the growing demand for electricity in the area,” Mr. Kapata said.

Mr. Kapata said numerous power transmission projects are in the pipeline such as the 330 kV transmission line from Pensulo in Serenje to Mansa and the Kabwe-Pensulo-Serenje 330 kV transmission line.

Others are the Kariba lake shore bottom road electrification project, Chipata-Lundazi-Chama 132 kV transmission line, and Mungwi Northern Province electrification project.
He said the upgrading of the power supply in Mpika district is also on cards while the link of Luangwa district to the national grid is at this time 50 percent.

Mr. Kapata also indicated that the Lusaka Multi-Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) transmission project is presently 60 percent done.

The name ZIZABONA was gotten by taking the first two letters of the following country names: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia.

It is a 400/330kV Interconnector line predicted to ascertain the necessary infrastructure to interconnect the countries named above. The project will allow the wheeling of power north south or vice versa via the Caprivi Link.

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