Construction and fencing water pan

Iinvitation to Tender
GAFARSA WATER RESOURCES USERS ASSOCIATION (WRUA) is an association of water resource users, riparian land owners and other stakeholders under the Ministry of Water and Sanitation who are formally and voluntarily associated for the purposes of cooperatively sharing a common water resource.

It has received funds from the Water Sector Trust Fund to implement a project using Embassy of Denmark funding that is managed through DANIDA. The WRUA hereby invites bids from eligible firms to undertake the following works.

Tender type and Number: GWRUA/WSTF/-01/2018 Construction and fencing of water pan

Construction of 20,000m3 water pan and Associated works
Fencing of 200mx200m water pan area.

a) Certified copies of Tax Compliance Certificate, VAT and PIN certificates.
b) Proof of legal existence (copies of certificate of incorporation/registration.
c) Experience in works of a similar nature and size for each for the last three years, and clients who may be contacted for further reference on these contracts.
d) Be a registered Contractor with National Construction Authority Class NCA-7
e) Bid security of 2°/o of the tender sum from a reputable financial institution or in form of a Bank guarantee.
f) Provide certified audited accounts for the last 3 years (2017, 2016, 2015)
g) Valid Business permit from the County government.
h) Certificate of pre-tender site visit signed by authorized officer.
i) Copy of receipt of tender purchase.

Tender documents with detailed specifications can be obtained

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