Construction of 90kV transmission line in Burkina Faso

The government of Burkina Faso has obtained a loan from the World Bank for the financing of the Electricity Sector Support Project (PASEL), and intends to use part of the funds to make payments under the programme for the construction of the 90kV Wona-Dédougou line.

The Director General of Burkina Faso’s National Electricity Company (SONABEL) invites eligible candidates to submit their bids in sealed envelopes to carry out the work described above.

Candidates will have to meet the following minimum qualification criteria:

1.Have an average turnover during the last five years (2013 to 2017) equivalent to at least $4 million.
2.Have a credit line of $1 million.
3.Have completed at least two contracts of a minimum amount of $2 million of nature and complexity comparable to the work covered by this contract during the last five years; namely the construction of a power line of 63kV at least.
4.Have an authorisation from the manufacturer of the equipment as well as a certificate of origin, especially for live conductors; fiber optic guard cable, aluminum guard cable, CFGO insulated junction boxes, anchor sleeves and alignment clamps, grounding cable, pylons and angles, bolts and insulators.

Candidates interested and meeting the criteria for participation may obtain additional information and examine the tender documents at the following address:

National Company of Electricity of Burkina (SONABEL)

55 avenue de la Nation,

01 BP 54 – Ouagadougou 01- Burkina Faso

Secretariat Department of Markets, 2nd floor

Tel: (+226) 25 3061 00

Fax: (+226) 25 31 03 40

Email: [email protected] copy [email protected]

Tenders must be submitted to SONABEL at the address provided above no later than 12 March 2019 at 9.00 GMT.