Construction of Baricho Bridge and Approach Roads (D553)

1.1 The Employer, as defined in the Conditions of Contract Part II hereinafter “the Employer” wishes to receive bids for the construction of works as described in Section 1, clause 102 of the Special Specifications –“Location and extent of the Works”
1.2 The successful bidder will be expected to complete the Works within the period stated in the Appendix to Bid from the date of commencement of the Works.
1.3 Throughout these bidding documents, the terms bid and BID and their derivatives (bidder/Bidder, bid/Bided, bidding/Bidding etc) are synonymous, and day means calendar day. Singular also means plural.
2.1 The source of funding is the Government of Kenya (Development Vote)
3.1 The Government requires that the bidders, suppliers, sub-contractors and supervisors observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts. in this pursuit of this policy, the Government;
(a) Defines for the purposes of this provision, the terms set forth below as follows:
(i) “corrupt practice” means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value to influence the action of a public official in the procurement process or in the execution, and
(ii) “Fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the Employer, and includes collusive practices among bidders ( prior to or after bid submission) designed to establish bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels and to deprive the Employer of the benefits of free and open competition
(b) Will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the Bidder recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the Contract, and
(c) Will declare a firm ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time, to be awarded a government contract if it at any times determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing, a Government financed contract.
4.1 This invitation to bid is open to all Bidders who are legally registered or incorporated in the Republic of Kenya as of the time of bid submission. Registration with Ministry of Roads as a Contractor is mandatory.
4.2 Bidders shall not have a conflict of interest. Bidders shall be considered to have conflict of interest, if they participated as a consultant in the preparation of the design, documentation or technical specifications of the works that are the subject of this bidding other than as far as required by the Employer.
4.3 A firm that is under a declaration of ineligibility by the Employer in accordance with clause 3, at the date of submission of the bid or thereafter, shall be disqualified
4.4 Bidders shall provide such evidence of their continued eligibility satisfactory to the Employer, as the Employer shall reasonably request.
5.1 Bidders shall as part of their bid:
(a) Submit a written power of attorney authorizing the signatory of the bid to commit the bidder; and
(b) Update any information submitted with their bids and update in any case the information indicated in the schedules and continue to meet the minimum threshold criteria set out in the bid documents.
5.2 As a minimum, Bidders shall provide latest information set out below:
(a) Evidence of access to lines of credit and availability of other financial resources
(b) Financial predictions for the current year and the two subsequent years, including the effect of known commitments
(c) Work commitments
(d) Current litigation information; and
(e) Availability of critical equipment
5.3 Bidders shall also submit proposals of work methods and schedule in sufficient detail to demonstrate the adequacy of the bidders proposals to meet the technical specifications and the completion time referred to in Clause 1.2 above.
6.1 Each bidder shall submit only one bid. A bidder who submits or participates in more than one bid will be disqualified.
7.1 The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his bid and the Employer will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.
8.1 The bidder is informed that pre-BID site visit is mandatory and he/she shall examine the Site of Works and its surroundings and obtain for himself all information that may be necessary for preparing the bid and entering into a contract for construction of the Works. The costs of visiting the site shall be at the bidder’s own expense.
8.2 The bidder and any of his personnel or agents will be granted permission by the Employer to enter its premises and lands for the purpose of such inspection, but only on the express condition that the bidder, its personnel and agents, will release and indemnify the Employer and its personnel and agents from and against all liability in respect thereof, and will be responsible for personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise), loss of or damage to property and any other loss, damage, costs and expenses however caused, which but for the exercise of such permission would not have arisen.
8.3 The Employer will conduct a Site Visit concurrently with the pre-bid meeting referred to in Clause 19, attendance for which is mandatory for all bidders. Failure to attend the site visit by any bidder will lead to disqualification of his /her bid