Consultancy services for carrying out Supervision for Construction of Weighbridge Station in TZ

The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Communication invites eligible Consultants to express interest in providing consultancy services for carrying out a Detailed Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and Supervision for Construction of Weighbridge Station, Supply and Installation of Two Brand New Weighbridge Scales including Weigh-in-Motion Facility at Rubana in Mara Region.

The scope of the assignment is to carry out a detailed engineering design, preparation of tender documents and supervision for construction of weighbridge station, installation of two brand new Weighbridge Scales and Weigh-in-Motion Facility. The estimated period of the assignment is 22 months involving 2 months for detailed design and preparation documents, 8 months for construction supervision, and 12 months of defects liability period.