Prequalification of individual companies for hire of machinery and earth moving equipment

1. PRE-QUALIFICATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.1 Introduction The Managing Director, Kerio Valley Development Authority would like to invite interested candidates who must qualify by meeting the set criteria as provided by the Procuring entity to perform the contract of Hiring Machinery and Earth Moving Equipment to the Authority. Youths, women and persons living with disabilities are encouraged to apply. 1.2 Pre-Qualification Objective The main objective of this part is to Hire Machinery and Earth Moving Equipment from individuals or company owners willing to hire out to Kerio Valley Development Authority as and when required during the period ending 30th June, 2019. 1.3 Invitation of Pre-qualification Individuals or companies owning the listed machinery are invited to submit their PREQUALIFICATION documents to the Managing Director, Kerio Valley Development Authority so that they may be pre-qualified for hiring machines on Government rates. The client requires prospective owners to supply mandatory information for pre-qualification. 1.4 Experience Prospective individuals and companies must have been involved in the hiring out of same machinery or providing services to Government institutions of similar size and complexity. Potential companies/individuals must demonstrate the willingness and commitment to meet the prequalification criteria. 1.5 Pre-qualification Document This document includes questionnaire forms and documents required of prospective service providers. 1.6 In order to be considered for pre-qualification prospective supplier must submit all the information herein requested. 1.7 INVITATION TO TENDER DATE 2nd June, 2017 TENDER REF. NO. KVDA/PQ/13/2017-2017/18 TENDER NAME: PREQUALIFICATION OF INDIVIDUAL COMPANIES FOR HIRE OF MACHINERY AND EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT 1.7.1 The Kerio Valley Development Authority, Eldoret invites sealed bids from eligible candidates (individuals/companies) for Hire of Machinery and Earth Moving Equipment; – Compactors – Shovels – Dozzers – Tippers – Excavators 1.7.2 Interested eligible candidates (either companies or individuals) willing to provide the service and can meet the set conditions which include but not limited to the following: I. Provide Evidence of ownership/possession of at least two of the required machines (Log books and lease agreements) II. Evidence of up to date Insurance cover III. Evidence of qualified plant operators with necessary skills and license IV. Provide reference /schedule of recent contracts of similar works in the last one year. V. Confirm serviceability of the machines. VI. Evidence of registration of the company. VII. Be contractually sound; may obtain further information from and inspect the prequalification documents from KVDA website: OR National Treasury Ifmis Portal: OR at Supplies and Procurement Office, 13th Floor, Kerio Valley Development Authority, P. O. Box 2660, Eldoret, Telephone No. 053 2063361/3 – Ext.225 during normal working hours. Youths, women and persons living with disabilities are encouraged to participate. 1.7.3 A complete set of prequalification documents may be downloaded from KVDA website OR National Treasury Ifmis Portal: free of charge. 1.7.4 Completed prequalification documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with tender reference number and be deposited in the Tender Box “A” at 13th Floor KVDA Plaza (Eldoret) or be addressed to: The Managing Director Kerio Valley Development Authority, P. O. Box 2660 – 30100 ELDORET. So as to be received on or before Thursday 22nd June, 2017 at 10.00Am 1.7.5 Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the Candidates or their representatives who choose to attend at the KVDA Boardroom, 14th Floor, Kerio Valley Development Authority’s Plaza