Project Implementation in Central Kenya- Phase 2 Low Volume Seal Roads Contracts for FY 2016/17

REPUBLIC OF KENYA KENYA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY INVITATION TO TENDER AFD/GoK Roads 2000 Project Implementation in Central Kenya- Phase 2 Low Volume Seal Roads Contracts for FY 2016/17 AFD Loan No. CKE 104601 J The Government of Kenya has received a loan from Agence Francaise de Developpment (AFD) towards the cost of Roads 2000 Rural Rehabilitation Project in Central Province Phase 2 and intends to use part of the proceeds of the loan to cover eligible payments to upgrade various roads to bituminous standard in Central Kenya. In this connection, the Kenya Rural Roads Authority on behalf of Ministry Of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development in conjunction with the respective County Governments, invites interested tenderers to submit tenders for the construction of the following roads to Low Volume Seal Bitumen Standard: No. Tender No. Road No. & Name Length (Km) Constituenc y County Date for Pretender site visit 1 AFD/KBU/LVS/1/2016/17 Wangigi – Nyathuna 6.4 Kabete Kiambu 10/4/2017 2 AFD/KBU/LVS/2/2016/17 Nyathuna – Rironi 5.4 Limuru 3 AFD/KBU/LVS/3/2016/17 Kimende-Kagwe-Ruiru R- Githunguri/1 6.0 Lari 4 AFD/KBU/LVS/4/2016/17 Kimende-Kagwe-Ruiru R- Githunguri/2 6.6 5 AFD/KBU/LVS/5/2016/17 Kimende-Kagwe-Ruiru R- Githunguri/3 2.4 6 AFD/KBU/LVS/6/2016/17 Kanunga-Banana 3.0 Kiambaa 9 AFD/KBU/LVS/7/2016/17 Kirangari-Nyathuna 6.0 Kabete 10 AFD/KBU/LVS/8/2016/17 Rioki-Kanjai 6.9 Githunguri 11 AFD/KBU/LVS/9/2016/17 Wamwangi-Ruburi 7.1 Gatundu S 12 AFD/KRG/LVS/1/2016/17 Kerugoya – Old Kangaita/1 5.0 Kirinyaga Central Kirinyaga 11/4/2017 13 AFD/KRG/LVS/2/2016/17 Kerugoya – Old Kangaita/2 4.6 14 AFD/KRG/LVS/3/2016/17 Kianyaga – Muchagara 5.1 Gichugu 15 AFD/KRG/LVS/4/2016/17 Kagumo- Baricho/1 5.0 Ndia 16 AFD/KRG/LVS/5/2016/17 Kagumo- Baricho/2 4.45 17 AFD/NYR/LVS/1/2016/17 Rutune- Ichamara 5.2 Mukurweini Nyeri 12/4/2017 18 AFD/NYR/LVS/2/2016/17 Mwiyogo-Endarasha/1 7.0 Kieni 19 AFD/NYR/LVS/3/2016/17 Mwiyogo-Endarasha/2 6.6 20 AFD/NYR/LVS/4/2016/17 Kagochi – Karatina University 3.4 Mathira 21 AFD/NYR/LVS/5/2016/17 Kangaita-Gachatha 5.0 Tetu Eligible Bidders must meet the following qualification criteria; 1. Certified Copy of Certificate of incorporation under Companies Act; 2. Certified copy of Form CR12 ( List of Directors) issued by the Registrar of Companies; 3. Certified copy of Registration certificate National construction Authority (NCA)- Categories 6,5 & 4only; 4. Have at least one Director and two Technical Supervisors who have been trained on Low Volume Seal Roads Labour Based course from Kisii Training Centre; 5. Certified copies of Training Certificates for Performance Based Routine Maintenance (PBRM) course from Kisii Training Centre for supervisory staff; 6. Provide proof of overall financial soundness (attach bank statements, letter of credit & signed and certified audited accounts for the last 3 years). • Minimum average annual construction works turnover for the last 3 years – Ksh 20Million; • Access to or has available liquid assets minimum of Ksh 5.0 Million. 7. Certified copies of log books or current lease agreement of appropriate Equipment (see the list on standard form E15); 8. Copy of Valid Tax Compliance Certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) ; 9. Provide tender security of Ksh. 100,000.00 per tender document in either of the following forms (a) Banker’s Cheque (b) Bank Guarantee (c) Guarantee from a PPRA approved insurance company (d) Letter of credit Tenderers who have an ongoing low volume sealing contract, whose completion status is less than 70% are not eligible to bid. Tenderers may tender for more than one contract but shall only be considered for award for only one contract. Tender shall be valid for a period of 120 days after Tender Opening. Adequacy of qualifications will be determined through an evaluation as described in the Tender Notice and Instructions to Tenderers. Detailed qualification information and tender document can be downloaded from IFMIS supplier portal: or/and For all enquiries, please contact the respective Kenya Rural Roads Authority Regional Manager. There will be mandatory pre-tender sites visit on the dates indicated in the table above to be conducted by the client’s representative starting at 9am from the office of the respective Regional Manager. The completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “Tender No. …………………………………” should be addressed and submitted to:- Regional Manager, Kenya Rural Roads Authority, Kiambu Region, P. O. Box 700, Kiambu. Regional Manager, Kenya Rural Roads Authority, Nyeri Region, P. O. Box 372, Nyeri. Regional Manager, Kenya Rural Roads Authority, Kirinyaga Region, P. O. Box 390, Kerugoya. The Tender Documents shall be deposited in the Tender Box located at the office of the respective Regional Manager, on or before 12.00 noon on 2nd May, 2017. Opening of the Tenders will take place immediately thereafter in the presence of Tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend. PROCUREMENT MANAGER For: DIRECTOR GENERAL KENYA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY