Request for expression of interest for consulting services for construction supervision

Kenya National Highway Authority

Contract Title: Request for expression of interest for Consulting services for construction supervision of the Isiolo – Mogadishu and Wajir –Elwak section of the Isiolo–Mandera Road (A10/B84/A13)

LoanN NO. /CREDIT NO. /GRANT NO. /P.NO.: P161305

The invitation for Specific Procurement Notice for Request for Expressions of Interest for Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of the Isiolo – Modogashe and Wajir – Elwak Sections of the Isioio – Mandera Road (A10/ B84/A13) that appeared in MyGoV of Tuesday, 7th August, 2018 for the following tenders: KeNHA/2007/2018: Package 1: Isiolo – Kulamawe (77km), KeNHA/2008/2018: Package 2: Kulamawe – Modogashe (113km), KeNHA/2009/2018: Package 3: Wajir – Kutulo (119km) & KeNHA/2010/2018: Package 4: Kutulo -Dabasiti- Elwak (two lots each of km= 56 km, single consultant for each NCB lot measuring 28 km), has been amended as follows:-

1. The Government of the Republic of Kenya has applied for financing from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of the North Eastern Transport Improvement Project (NETIP). The

Kenya National Highways Authority, an implementing agency of the Government of Kenya, intends to use part of the proceeds of the credit to engage qualified and experienced firms to undertake Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of five road sections as follows:

Tender No. KeNHA/2007/2018: (KE- KeNHA -2903-CS-QCBS)-: Package 1: Isiolo – Kulamawe (77km)

Tender No. KeNHA/2008/2018: (KE- KeNHA- 29074-CS-QCBS) Package 2: Kulamawe – Modogashe (113km)

Tender No. KeNHA/2009/2018: (KE- KeNHA-29131- CS-QCBS): Package 3: Wajir – Kutulo (119km)

Tender No. KeNHA/2010/2018: (KE-KENHA-73198- CS-QCBS): Package 4: Kutulo -Dabasiti (28 km) Tender No. KeNHA/2011/2018: (KE-KENHA-73582- CS-QCBS): Package 5: Dabasiti Elwak (28 Km)


Consultants can apply for any of the packages but will be shortlisted for not more than two packages depending on their capability including their ability to assemble different teams of personnel.

· Each Package should be submitted in a separate envelope.

2. The consulting services (“the Services”) include: Supervision of Construction: The period of the services for each package is 50 months comprising: two months for Bid documents review, 36 months for Construction Supervision and a 12 months Defects Notification Period.

The works to be supervised include:

a) Construction of road pavements to attain a 7m carriageway width with 2m shoulders on each side using materials such as surface dressing, asphalt concrete and/or dense bitumen macadam, graded crushed stone, cement stabilized or cement improved natural material and improved subgrade.

b) Construction of bridges, culverts and other drainage infrastructure. Bridge superstructures will be of reinforced concrete and/or steel-based options such as warren truss or composite box beam while substructures will be pad, strip, floating or bore-piled as appropriate.

c) Construction of social and other amenities such as water pans, boreholes, school facilities and markets.

d) Overseeing the installation of underground fiber optic cable.

e) Construction of axle load control facilities, lorry parking and construction of sections of the road as emergency runways.

The estimated number of person-months of key professional personnel for each contract is 452.

3. The Kenya National Highways Authority, a State Corporation under the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works established under the Kenya Roads Act, 2007, now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The shortlisting criteria are:

a. Firm’s competence and experience in terms of successfully delivering similar assignments in construction supervision of bridges and highways in similar countries and preferably in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Specific experience of successful completion of minimum three (3) similar nature and complexity assignments within the last ten years is required. The nature and similarity of the assignments includes supervising Environmental and Social Impact Management Plans to International Standards in addition to the technical engineering and contractual management role.

b. Applicant firm’s institutional, Technical and Managerial capabilities, as demonstrated through the firm’s financial and technical strength and established quality management systems and reputability;

c. Suitability and relevance of area of core business of applicant firm to the envisaged assignment and number of active years in similar business;

d. Experience in similar conditions (in low middle- income countries and in Sub-Saharan Africa) would be an added advantage.