Technical Assistance on Non-Revenue Water Management and Water Services in Informal Settlements

1. The Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB) in collaboration with the County Government of Kisumu has applied for a co-financing from the French Development Agency (AFD), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Union (EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund), towards the cost of consulting services as well as works for the Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Program (LVWATSAN) in Kisumu County. It intends to use part of the funds from the European Union (EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund) thereof for payments under the following project: “Technical Assistance on Non-Revenue Water Management and Water Services in Informal Settlements in Kisumu City under LVWATSAN Program”.

2. The following indicative Consulting Services are included in the global project: Technical Assistance (TA) and Consultancy services (CS) contracts: TA to LVSWSB in overall project management and Capacity Building; CS for Technical studies, design and supervision of Works Packages 1&2, Feasibility Studies, Water Resources and Wastewater Master Plan and Quality Monitoring Plan for Kisumu County, Technical Assistance on Non-Revenue Water Management for KIWASCO and Water Services in Informal Settlements (subject of the present REOI).

3. The mission of the TA Consultancy Firm under the present assignment shall include, but not is limited to:
a. Review of the NRW Strategy Reduction Report (Kisumu)
b. Preparation of a Baseline Survey Report aiming at identifying specific needs in terms of NRW Management and improvement of water and sanitation services in low income areas (LIAs)
c. Development of a detailed action plan according to IWA approach based on the results of baseline survey and the NRW strategy reduction report
d. Provide assistance, trainings and capacity building in implementing the action plan related to NRW Management activities within KIWASCO
e. To support KIWASCO in identifying and purchasing equipment dedicated to NRW Management and/or improvement of water and sanitation services in LIAs
f. To provide assistance, trainings and capacity building in improving water and sanitation services in LIAs

4. The indicative duration of the assignment is 36 months

5. LVSWSB hereby invites Consultancy Firms to show their interest in delivering the services described in item 3 above.

6. Eligibility criteria to AFD’s financing are specified in sub-clause 1.3 of the “Guidelines for the Procurement of the AFD-Financed Contracts in Foreign Countries”, available online on AFD’s website

7. Interested Consultancy Firms must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experienced to perform those services, such as:
a) A presentation of the Consultancy Firm: [general presentation, scope of activities, financial data (sales figure, etc.) for the past 3 years, description of human resources, etc.] b) Documented evidence of Consultancy Firm’s references on the relevant fields of competence during the last 7 years (mentioning the amount of the corresponding contracts) references in following fields will then be considered:
• Technical assistance on NRW management in large cities of developing countries, including capacity building and field training for NRW reduction,
• Technical assistance to improve water services in informal settlements in large cities of developing countries, References of the firm or the association in operation of water supply systems would be an added advantage. Determination of the similarity of the experiences will be based on:
• the contracts size and financing sources (donor financed projects being an advantage)
• the nature of the services
• the technical area and expertise
• the location (previous experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and especially in Kenya being an advantage)
c) Very brief curriculum vitae of relevant available in-house experts, home office, backstopping and quality assurance personnel (max. 3 pages per staff) aiming at demonstrating the capacity of the Consultancy Firm to mobilize the necessary competences in the fields related to the assignments brief CVs shall consist of name, professional qualification, year obtained, with firm since, position in firm, technical field and specialisation and experience, languages and foreign Service (country, year, duration, project, task, function). The following positions should be considered:
• Team Leader
• NRW Expert
• GIS Expert
• Operation and Maintenance Expert
• Commercial Expert
• Financial Expert
• Social expert
The team members need to have some knowledge and experience in Human Resources Management or Business Ethical Values as part of NRW management.

This is to enhance focus on staff values and attitude change as far as NRW management is concerned.

8. The Client will also take into account local participation/partnership for the evaluation of the applications.

9. Among the submitted applications, LVSWSB will shortlist a maximum of 6 Consultancy Firms, to whom the Request for Proposals to carry out the services shall be sent.

10. The complete and sealed Expression of Interest (EoI) document comprising one printed original, three copies as well as an electronic copy (readable pdf file) must be delivered to the tender box of Lake Victoria South Water Service Board (situated at the address indicated below) on or before 14th September, 2017, 1500hours East African Time. Any documents or any amendment to the application delivered after the stipulated time shall not be accepted. Consultancy Firms must also sign and submit the “Statement of Integrity, Eligibility and Social and Environmental Responsibility” along with their EoI documents.

Lake Victoria South Water Services Board
Lavictors House, off Ring road, Milimani
P.O.Box3325-40100 Kisumu, Kenya
Tel: +254-57-2025128 ,+254 20 2157233, 0716 525251
E-mail: [email protected]

11. Interested Consultancy firms are advised to familiarize themselves with local taxation laws. They may also obtain further information at the address above during office hours (from 09:00 to 17:00 local time).

12. The procurement notice, detailed prequalification Note, and Statement of Integrity, Eligibility and Social and Environmental Responsibility can be accessed free of charge from the Kenya Government IFMIS Portal through the link; as well as in the website of LVSWSB; or DG Market website; For any further clarifications, interested applicants may contact LVSWSB in writing through e-mail address ([email protected] and a mandatory copy to ; procurement