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Industrial forklifts are very useful on construction sites, as they can be used to transport heavy building materials over fairly long distances, across rough terrain.

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They combine the functions of a vehicle and a lifting tool. Forklifts have several functions, they can unload pallets of bricks, steel girders and other construction products from the delivery truck and carry them to parts of the construction site that are not accessible to other vehicles.

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Many haulage firms now carry truck-mounted forklifts with them, which can be quickly off-loaded and then used to remove the delivery from the trailer and transport the goods to the required location.

We look at the different forklift manufacturers the market today and the level of service that they offer to make owning a crane a stress-free experience.

Linde Material Handling GmbH

Linde Material Handling GmbH, a company in the KION Group, is one of the leading global manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse technology devices, and is the market leader in Europe. It is also transparent and well established in South Africa in the Africa region.

The company also offers expert advice to external customers for various applications, following many decades of experience in developing and producing electrical drive systems.

As an internationally active company, they maintain production and assembly plants in all key regions worldwide, as well as a global sales and service network with representatives in more than 100 countries.


Manitou is a French heavy equipment manufacturer that makes fork lifts, cherry pickers, telehandlers, and other heavy equipment. Manitou started in France in 1957 when Marcel Braud designed the first forklift truck for use is rough terrain.

Offering its customers handling, lifting and earthmoving solutions is more than just a vocation, it is the purpose of the Manitou Group. Its know-how and expertise allow it to be closer to every need, regardless of the country, terrain or application. With innovative machinery and services, the Manitou Group creates value for its customers.

The company responds to all requests for lifting equipment or people. At Manitou Group, there is a “Special Solutions” department that works 100% to respond and create customized solutions to the needs of their customers. Thanks to their dealers, (around 50 dealers), the company networks all over Africa. Moreover, the after sale service that they can provide to customers is a real competitive advantage.




Snorkel is a leading global manufacturer of aerial work platforms. Founded in 1959, Snorkel produces one of the largest ranges of safe work at height solutions, with platform heights from 2m to 40m, and is celebrating 60 years in business this year.

Designed to be simple, reliable and robust, the Snorkel product range includes 50 aerial lift models, including electric and diesel scissor and boom lifts, as well as towable booms and material lifts. Snorkel also offers lifts for working at low heights to replace traditional ladders or scaffold towers.

One of the major selling points for Snorkel lifts is that they are equipped with Snorkel Guard™ secondary guarding as standard meaning they can be rented to any jobsite.  Secondary guarding has been a major development within aerial work platforms over the past few years.

Snorkel introduced a simple mechanical system, known as Snorkel Guard™, which is fitted as standard to all new build Snorkel booms, and is available as a retrofit option for most Snorkel booms in the field. 

When owning equipment or renting equipment for construction job sites, time is always of the essence. When purchasing fleet equipment, the company recommends that the ultimate goal is safety, durability and simplicity while utilizing the edge of today’s technology.

Clark material handling international

As the inventor of the forklift truck, Clark has been operating since 2003 as Clark Material Handling International under the ownership of South Korean conglomerate Young An Hat Company (headquarters in Bucheon).

The family enterprise, headed by Chairman Sung Hak Baik, has established sustainability as a guideline for business in all of its Group segments (clothing / telecommunications / automotive / hotel industry / materials handling) and has invested millions of dollars on research in each business segment.

Since inventing the first forklift truck, Clark  have made a significant contribution towards the industrial development of the last century and have an outstanding product, an excellent reputation in the market and first class after sales support.

All Clark forklifts are 98% engineered for extreme environments; the high performance  two-stage air filter system removes 98% of incoming dust and debris before it enters the main engine filter, making Clark machines ideal for dusty applications.

They are a world leader in the design and construction of forklifts and ancillary technologies to goods storage.

Their main target is the supply of vanguard solutions and technologies advanced machines in order to improve handling and storage of goods within a company. Thanks to the high quality and reliability of their products, their trademark is a warranty to all their customers.

Their products include the Multi-directional side-loaders which are forklift trucks able of moving in any direction. Italcarrelli has specialized in the production of side-loaders of large capacity for spec

Anhui HeLi Co. Ltd

Anhui HeLi Co. Ltd founded in 1958 is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of industrial vehicles, construction machinery and key components. At present, Anhui HELI is the R&D, manufacture and export base of industrial vehicles with largest scale, the most complete industry chain, and the best comprehensive and economic performance in China, it is the only listed company in Chinese forklift industry.

So far, HELI annual output of forklift trucks are 100,000 sets, that of casting pieces are 200,000t, oil cylinders are 600,000 pieces and steering axles are 100,000 sets, and has corresponding capabilities of blanking, metal processing, coating, assembling and testing.

The leading products of Anhui HELI is the “HELI” brand series forklift trucks, all online products of total 1700 models and 512 kinds have independent intellectual property rights, the products’ comprehensive performance is in the leading position at national level, and reaches international advanced level.

Svetruck AB

Svetruck AB based in Ljungby, Sweden is today one of the largest heavy forklift producer for forklifts 10-55 tones. Svetruck also produce loghandling machines (Svetruck TMF) and are the largest producer in the world for this type of machines, sold to paper-, pulp- and sawmills industries around the world.

Area one is the paper/pulp and sawmills market. Area two is in container and break-bulk terminals, and area three is in the heavy industry market, comprising steel, metal works and other material handling industries.

Svetruck 32 tones machines fitted with magnets: The magnets fitted in the machine are built in house and they are able to handle steel billets and solid round bars 14 m long, up to 270 mm width and weighing up to four tones each, the magnets are unique in many ways.

Not only are they suspended by chains for increased flexibility but in case a problem occurs they have an in-built battery standby system that allows the magnets to continue to be effective for up to 10 minutes which means that loads will not be left suspended in mid-air.


TAILIFT has dedicated and played as a professional and leading manufacturer in delivering a wide range of high quality Material Handling Equipment trucks. They also produce CNC Turret Punch Press & Radial Drilling Machines.

There products include ICE Counterbalance Trucks which with the full range from 1.5 t to 10t load capacity, with all kinds of the innovative functions accommodated, give agile and powerful performance for demanding jobs. This series includes Eco-Z Serial 2.0-3.5, 7000 series forklift truck, Z Series Forklift Truck which has enlarged light switch, multifunctional LCD Instrument panel and smaller steering wheel.

Electric Counterbalance Trucks is the new innovation of full AC technology with great performance for indoor and outdoor operation. The full range includes 3-wheel, 4-wheel and battery capacities of 48 and 80 volts. The truck capacity from 1500kg to 3000kg, to meet all your different business need.


For over 40 years now, Vallée has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality industry-tested forklift trucks. Over the years, their forklift trucks and various carrying tools have raised their company to the rank of leader in Canada.

All Vallée products follow standards of quality, reliability and sturdiness. Characteristics of Vallée forklift trucks are that the forklifts are 4 x 4 with a turning radius, fork positioner, side-shifting, stabilizer, full-vision mast and ergonomic cab.


HYTSU Group started with the international standards, aimed at the international middle–high market, adhered to the marketing strategy of its own brand, globally supplied chain resource configuration, constantly making intelligentized for industrial manufacturing, informationalization and servitization, ensured quality standardization and innovation in digital, based on professional and industrial clustering, leaded to the industry by the difference of high cost-effective products & service.

As one of the industry well-known brands, HYTSU is around the world with: “market service concept of closing to the customer, precision positioning in the difference of high cost-effective products”. HYTSU products have been patented invention more than 10 items, including ISO9001 certification, CE certification and UL certification.

HYTSU products are exported to over 70 countries and regions around the world, has won high praise from customers at home and abroad, is appraised the world’s top 20 industrial vehicle suppliers in 2009 and 2010 by the U.S. logistics industry media. HYTSU brands have been proven to be one of the best valuable brands in the same industry.


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