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  1. Sure that we have an excellent range of services in terms of export of trucks and new equipment, with very competitive prices,

    please let us include in the group of regular suppliers who often make the v / ad hoc consultations.

    To this end, we provide our direct email, so in a practical and simple way to do so:

    [email protected]

    We are a company with 26 years of experience in the market, and operate both nationally and internationally in the export and import,

    to and from any country with a capacity of professional and clear answer.

    Currently we are the leading representative of Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Angola and the following brands to over 27 countries of Africa today

    TractoLena mother Fair Group constituted in 1989 with the intention to sell trucks and equipment used after being born after rapid growth the GrupoJusto.

    Justo group is designated by the Following Companies:

    TL-Equip – Private label in the production of various equipment and semi-trailers with specific features tailored to the needs our customers.

    TL-Parts – Parts Marketing New and Used for heavy machinery and vehicles.

    TL-Service – repair shop, equipped with technicians in various areas of action, after-sales service, technical assistance 24 hours mobile.

    International TL-Service – International Maintenance Contracts to any country in accordance with the equipment supplied by us.

    TruckStar- nationally renowned brand in sales and export of trucks and equipment used from recoveries of our customers.

    Currently holds the representation and exclusive brands:

    CASE (Construction) Landini (Agricultural Tractors) and Kässbohrer (Semi – trailers)

    Marketing also: D’Avino concrete mixers, cranes PM, Central Concrete ARCEM, OIL STEEL aerial platforms Trucks and Mercedes Benz in other countries

    Apart from Portugal to TractoLena has physical presence in some African countries through local law firms, particularly in Angola, Cameroon and Gabon.

    We await the v / requests for quotation, certain that we can help reduce the amount that normally spend this kind of acquisitions.

    CEO Abilio Justo

    Many thanks and greetings,

    Nelson Urbano

    Dep. Commercial

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