TEPE Prefabrik A.S.

TEPE Prefabrik A.S.
TEPE Prefabrik A.S.
World Wide Prefabricated Building Supplier: Looking for new solution partners in Africa

Founded in 1977, TEPE Prefabrik is one of Turkey’s oldest and best-known prefabricated building manufacturers which operate in the areas of modular panelized prefabricated buildings, permanent prefabricated buildings (Low Cost Housing), living containers and steel frame buildings. TEPE Prefabrik has a high brand recognition and value thanks to its reliability and quality.

TEPE Prefabrik aims to become a leading global brand in its sector by manufacturing economic, fast and easy to install prefabricated buildings that comply with international engineering standards and technical specifications while preserving natural resources in all of its processes. Starting from March 2014 TEPE Prefabrik has been operating in its new factory located in Ankara which is awarded with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate and equipped with high technology production machinery with a total production capacity of165.000m2 on yearly basis.

TEPE Prefabrik undertook many groundbreaking projects in many different regions of the world including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya, Ivory Coast, Congo and South Africa; by being a major provider for the supplies of Mobilization Camps/Temporary Facilities for leading construction, oil & gas, mining, energy and infrastructure projects. TEPE Prefabrik specifically designs and manufactures buildings based on region’s climatic conditions and client’s requirements with its experience, know-how and competence to work with companies at various standards in different countries. In Iraq TEPE Prefabrik built modular Camp Site Buildings with a total area of200.000sqmin a single project, which is one of the biggest prefabricated camps throughout the world.

TEPE Prefabrik is currently looking for solution partners in Africa with the knowledge of the local laws and regulations to support it in erection works and civil works such as concrete foundations, network connections by building close relationships with Complete Camp Services/Management (Remote Services) companies.

TEPE Prefabrik is also highly experienced for working in Africa Continent. In Algeria TEPE Prefabrik has been awarded as the subcontractor for the Mobilization Camps /Temporary Facilities of a Motorway Project, which the main client is a well-known and essential Italian company.

TEPE Prefabrik effectively utilizes its advantages such as its experience in the sector, product quality, brand recognition, sales policy, superior design and engineering capabilities as well as flexible production management.

TEPE Prefabrik provides Mobilization Camps /Temporary Facilities and other prefabricated mobilization solutions for overseas construction and energy companies that are listed among ENR (Engineering News Record)’s top 225 companies. In addition, TEPE Prefabrik is positioned as the supplier and solution partner of end-user foreign companies based abroad and international organizations such as the United Nations and NATO.

TEPE Prefabrik advises potential buyers that quality is very important for prefabricated buildings in terms of its standing against severe weather conditions, long-life and reusability.

TEPE Prefabrik A.S.
Ugur BAL – Business Development & Marketing Director
Tel: +90 0312 499 51 28
Mobile: +90 533 212 18 50
Email: info@tepeprefabrik.com.tr
Website: www.tepeprefabrik.com.tr

+90 0312 499 51 28
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TEPE Prefabrik A.S.