Burundi to Actualize Mpanda Hydroelectric Power Station Project

  Burundi government has launched tendering process of Mpanda hydroelectric power station project. The project ... Read more

Nachtigal Hydroelectric Power Plant Project in Cameroon
The implementation of the Nachtigal hydroelectric project in Cameroon is reportedly over 80% complete. The facility is expected to gradually begin producing power by the … Read more


Benefits of the lift on the ban of power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Kenya
In March 2021 a task force was formed to review power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Kenya. In September, of the same year, the task force … Read more

Concrete and Concrete Products

Surprising use cases for concrete in construction work
Concrete is arguably one of the most popular building materials in the world, enjoying a variety of use cases in the construction of all types … Read more

Home sales Improvements and Interiors

custom home
A How-To Guide On Building The Custom Home Of Your Dreams
Building the home of your dreams is one of the milestones most people want to achieve. Essentially, with a custom home, you get to decide … Read more

Installations and Materials

roof shingles maintenance
The Importance of Replacing Individual Shingles
Maintaining the integrity of your roof is paramount to protecting the interior of your home from the elements. Shingles act as shields against wind, rain, … Read more


compact track loader
Discover the Benefits of a Compact Track Loader – The Perfect Tool for Home Renovation & Construction
When it comes to home renovation and construction projects, having the right equipment can make all the difference. The compact track loader is a versatile … Read more


How To Reduce Risks During Construction
The construction sector is one of the biggest industries worldwide. Hundreds, if not thousands, of workers are moving up and down, side to side, to … Read more

Corporate News

Grupel to attend Africa Energy Forum 2023 and FILDA
Keeping up with its culture of proximity to customers and markets, Grupel is expected to attend two important events in Africa. The Portuguese manufacturer and … Read more

Product Reviews

Smart Portable Sensing System for Monitoring Precast Structures Developed
Precast concrete structures (PCS) reduce workforce dependency and construction time. However, they are subjected to vibrations and strain during transport from their manufacturing site to … Read more


Chicago Build 2023 Expo
Chicago Build takes place at McCormick Place, the largest convention center in North America. Attracting thousands of high-quality attendees from across the Midwest’s entire AEC industry, … Read more