Construction of Africa’s Longest Cable-stayed Bridge Enters Highly Technical Phase

According to Concor Construction, who is the contractor that has been tasked with the construction ... Read more

Iron Ore Rail-and-port Scheme in Guinea
Construction Commences on the Mega $17 Billion Iron Ore Rail-and-Port Scheme in Guinea
Construction has commenced on the West African state of Guinea’s mega $17 billion iron ore rail-and-port scheme. A consortium of companies including the mining giant … Read more


Red Bulls Break Ground on new $112M Morris Township Soccer Complex
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Safety and Security

Risk Management On High-Rise Construction Sites
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Home sales Improvements and Interiors

Pros and Cons of New Construction Homes
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Installations and Materials

The Role of Solar Panels in Sustainable Construction of Allen, TX Eco-Friendly Homes
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The Benefits of Powering Your Warehouse with an Electric Forfklift
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How to Find and Choose Industry Leading Utility Service Contractors
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Corporate News

Renolit for Goimek
Goimek’s manufacturing facility in Spain chooses Renolit Alkorplan roofing products
Better temperature control, greater longevity of the materials used, improved comfort for workers and better energy performance and sustainability for the company: these are the … Read more

Product Reviews

Design-Build Management service introduced for contractors in Saudi Arabia
Construction Management Associates has introduced its Design-Build Management service for contractors in Saudi Arabia. The company will support contractors in managing the design portion of … Read more


Construction Technology ConFex UAE 2024
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