Tudor Apartments, Mombasa, Kenya

Tudor Apartments, Mombasa, Kenya

The Tudor Apartments project consists of 14 apartments in Tudor Creek, Mombasa, Kenya. Characterized by a moucharabiah structural shell, it is distinct with its...
Swahili Dreams, Lamu Apartments

Swahili Dreams, Lamu Apartments

Swahili Dreams is a luxurious, eco-friendly building fusing contemporary architecture and lifestyle, along with Swahili tradition. Taking the scheme of condominiums, the project sits...


Security cameras

5 Benefits of Building Automation

Building automation systems (BAS) are the key to ensuring that commercial and industrial buildings operate smoothly and efficiently. Improved Energy Management Building automation gives you a...
iPad on construction site

3 ways technology has improved communication at the construction site

Technology has since brought the need for efficiency at the construction sites. Consequently, project managers have since adopted applications which enable them to work...



Cleaning different types of flooring

Different types of flooring have specific ways of cleaning. The different means of cleaning ensure that the flooring maintains it's luster as well as...
granite countertops

3 Types of Granite Counter-tops

When choosing a material for a renovation or new project, granite counter-tops are the go-to option for the kitchen or bathroom. Granite is durable...


NCA advices artisans during mentorship forum in Nairobi

The National Construction Authority together with other construction industry bodies advised artisans during a mentorship forum held in Nairobi, Kenya. The mentorship programme which...