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built-environment-professionsInfrastructure bottlenecks, the lack of infrastructure delivery and tender irregularities are negatively affecting infrastructure development in South Africa. This is according to a statement released recently by the Built Environment Professions (BEP).

It noted that the biggest barrier to infrastructure delivery was the lack of transparency during procurement processes related to the allocation of professional services and tenders.

While the BEP grouping welcomed government’s most recent revised infrastructure budget, which outlined the 18 strategic integrated projects, it said problems manifested in the form of obscure decision-making processes and the unequal distribution of professional service contracts.

It added that this also increased the potential for corruption in the face of weak accountability mechanisms over the allocation of public funds.

The group said a mechanism that could curb possible corruption is the institution of greater transparency throughout the entire procurement cycle is having awarded construction contracts openly published.

It added that government should establish an evaluation and monitoring unit tasked with ensuring that professionals and departments comply with legislation during the bid stage.