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southern-african-institute-of-steel-constructionTo promote standardisation and reduce project costs and design time among steel fabricators, engineers and drafts- people, the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (Saisc) has launched a new book called Structural Steel Connections or more commonly known as The Green Book.

The book was written in 2011 by Saisc CEO Dr Hennie de Clercq, assisted by Saisc director Spencer Erling and Saisc development engineer Amanuel Gebremeskel.

Structural Steel Connections deals with the elements connecting parts, such as beams and columns, together in steel structures, including the design of the connections, their fabrication in the workshop and their assembly on the construction site.

The book also discusses how structural steel connections work and their required and actual strengths and basic connection agents, such as bolts and welding.

De Clercq compiled the book by researching connection concepts, theory and practice worldwide and applying that knowledge to situations that are likely to be encountered in practice locally.